Matt Dallas

Most people know Matt Dallas as the guy on Kyle XY others know him as the guy in the Katy Perry Video I on the other hand know him as the bad ass that got crazy on an insane photoshoot that ending with him licking blood off my floor! Yeah I am not scared to say it you may have to wait to see that photo until The Dirty Side of Glamor comes out… Either way something tells me this is just a taste and much more madness is to come!

matt dallas

This is a photo of Matt Dallas.

Did you ever watch Kyle XY

  • HeweyRules

    KYLE XY!

  • Alice

    I love him in that show :)

  • Valorie

    So Tyler does he have a belly button or not??

  • Bobby

    Licking blood off of a floor huh? Nice things you have these actors do.

  • 12Twilight

    Did anyone like the Oscar’s?

  • Lil Miss Ashley

    Hi Tyler! OMG Matt is so attractive is he in a relationship? Damn.

  • Krazy Kenny89

    Ahh licking blood of a floor sounds pretty unsanitary.

  • LULU

    Love HIM!

  • Heather

    I thought the Oscar’s were overly emotional as usual.

  • Dee

    Good looking boy ;)

  • Nellie Fate

    Kyle Xy is one of my favorite shows.

  • monica

    haha! you’re really having too much fun beating people up.

  • eliza

    I haven’t seen that show yet I heard it’s really good. Hey did you ever do a video portrait of Toby Hemingway?

  • MIKE D.

    Without a camera it would be considered a crime, but with it’s art. Ha.

  • monica

    if that’s art, where do i sign up?

  • Monte

    I thought the Oscars were pretty good this year. Heath getting what he deserved.

  • Lucie Balls


  • Christina

    Matt Dallas is a fine specimen.

  • katrinAAA

    Hi Tyler hope you had a good weekend :)

  • Misha

    I missed the awards show but never really watch so it was just whatever.

  • Ziff

    Love the white wall shots. Crisp.

  • millie

    wow. he looks amazingly bad ass. love the shadow on the left side, gives it more edge.

    how was your weekend tyler?

  • MIKE D.

    Pretty boy got loose.
    I love watching Kyle XY

  • Shana

    I’ll lick anything off a floor for you Tyler.

  • amy


  • Brianca

    Kyle you are the hottest :)

  • caesar

    Do you subject everyone that you shoot to cruel and unusual punishment?

  • markiemark

    never seen it

  • Yvette

    I liked watching the Oscars – yes there are always tears but it’s a big deal for entertainment so it doesn’t bother me so much. Hope you had a good weekend and have an even better week !

  • Misha

    Kyle will you merry me?????

  • Hewlette

    My favorite show

  • magdeline

    Tyler your recent stuff is really good I check in almost every day.
    Are you going to release any more stuff on Toby Hemingway?

  • Kaylie

    What it have killed you to take that picture without his shirt on? *swoons*
    More Matt Dallas pictures please!

  • tyler

    more coming and i will strip him down!

  • Kaylie

    Hot!! I love you tyler!

  • nele

    Matt is soooo hot!


  • Vero-D

    TOO MUCH HOTNESS!!!! *swoon*
    I hope you have more photos, but this time, please we want a SHIRTLESS Matt!!!

  • Karen

    I’m with Kaylie!! More Matt Dallas please!!!

  • ILJR

    Thank you for posting that picture of Matt Dallas. It’s gorgeous! I’m looking forward to more!

  • Kaylie

    I’m back. I can’t stop coming in here to look at Matt!
    Don’t hurt him too much, tyler!

  • tyler

    he is going to love it

  • Beth

    HAHA, It’s about TIME someone got Matt-man in a fighting mode. Poor guy’s stuck with a grin on his face half the time whether he wants it on there or not!

    This photo is MUCH more realistic. I actually LIKE it, go figure, though I’m not usually a collector of pics of people when they’re looking ready for a fight. Where are the boxing gloves that SO need to be in this shot? *Laughs to self*

    ROCK ON, TYLER! And Tell MATT-MAN, Beth says HE ROCKS!! BOOYA!! \m/ *SMILES*

  • J’Wynn

    So … when is the pictures going to be available and where?

  • Wowww

    Just like in my dreams

  • brennastrwrs

    love kyle xy and love matt dallas. wanna see more and def wanna see a much longer and more detailed video of this shoot. i wanna know where the blood came from. he is such a man.

  • From China

    I am a girl from China, read the kyle XY.Since then fell in love with the matt.
    Miss his eyes,His expression,All his.
    Expect more excellent performances!!

  • From China

    My name is : Lucifer
    matt ,Can you see my message?
    Refueling oh!!!Looking forward to your new work!!!

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