Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas

Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas who many people know from Kyle XY were at my house last night doing a little shooting and we got some amazing stuff! Much more to come this is just a taste… I have been shooting none stop just go go go but hopefully I will be able to update more this week so make sure you check back!
Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas

This is Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas video portrait coming soon.

Excited to see more?

  • anita

    I have to say that you did a very good job!! I love the pictures! They look so great together!!! A perfect couple! When can we see more?

    when will you upload more pictures from those two??

  • lord cathewicked

    THere chemistry is really awesome! they really look good together! it saddens me that their show already ended! GReat Photo! Good job!!

  • Victoria

    OMG!!! I can’t wait to see more

  • Bea

    I love it!! I want to see more!!!!!!

  • Briana

    Only one thing to say: Hottest and BEST looking couple in Hollywood and deftiently in the world! LOVE Matt and Jamie…They sure know how to make a sexy photograph! :)

  • rae

    I just love them!!! they are great together. We need more of them.

  • emily

    These two look so great together!!! I just wish that they did not have to stop filming kyle xy. Tyler please post some more of your great pictures of them together maybe just maybe it could bring the show back!!! please… we also want to see some more

  • http://www.mattdallas.com luc says

    matt have yuo got facebook?? can you give me yuor contact??? plss reply me thank!!!!! ^^

  • http://femdomdominatrix.xxxvideochat.us/ Barrie Stjulien

    I d do almost everything to read some more about what you wrote! Excellent post!

  • sylvester

    jaimie and matt are the greatest and excellent movie star if i may day,expercially in kyle xy,i think lie dying for jaimie i really like her ,i wish i can know more about her personally,

  • Hezikaya

    its beautiful,really good combination.

  • http://www.mattdallas.com Hezikaya

    its really beautiful,really a good combination

  • http://jaimiealexander.net jaimie and matt love fever

    I love they.Are beautiful together.

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