Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto is one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with! You may know him from Heroes or Star Trek but I know him in a whole different kind of way, not only did we climb to the top of a bridge that is being built we did all kinds of other crazy things all in the name of art and I can honestly say Zach is a true artist! Normally I will release 1 or 2 photos today I have 3 and a video all in one blog! If you are a fan of Zachary Quinto make sure you check back for more because I have so many insane shots of him I could do a gallery just on him already… The video portrait featured below has the song “without light” by Plushgun which is an amazing song check it out and get it on itunes! You can also check out Zachary Quinto at
Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

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New photos of Zachary Quinto more to come…

Want to see more?

  • Tedd

    damn 100 comments thats crazy~

  • carys

    absolutely incredible!!!

  • Rose

    I got sent this page via a fellow Quinto fan and enjoyed the pictures muchly.
    However, the video was incredible. And not just because I really really like Zachary Quinto. I loved it. Art I can really appreciate. It prompted me to have a flick through your portfolio and I can honestly say I loved it. Especially the videos.
    Particular mention to the Brittany Snow one…The image was so bleak and heart-breaking, even if nothing in particular was happening.
    Bravo, I am now a self-determined Tyler Shields fan. xD *faves your site*

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  • Sarah

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the shots. These are amazing. (I love the video).

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  • Tedd


  • Tedd

    more please

  • Sheila

    In that one he looks like he’s on the moon!! I love your work. and I love him. lol..


  • no1koreanfan

    more to come? but when? i am so desperate. plz.. don’t make us wait too long…

  • Zoe Wolfe

    I’m glad you photographed Zachary! He is amazing! You definitely brought him out in your photos, wish I could have been there. I love you both! Keep it up guys!

  • Soo

    I love you Zach Sexyguy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please coming my land♥

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  • Kim

    He’s SO hot.

    Inspired photos. And video. WTF with the milk. It’s insane but it works.

    Thanks for sharing your talent, Tyler.

  • Lindsey

    Are you going to post anymore shots of him?

  • tyler

    i will lindsey when the time is right

  • Erin Navy Redhead


  • Mikaela

    That’s some seriously hot stuff…I cannot stop watching it…

  • Sarah

    Tyler. You have created one of the sexiest works of art I’ve ever seen with that video. Zachary Quinto is MIND-BLOWINGLY hot.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Liz


  • Ally Jay

    Love Zachary! He is amazing on Heroes, and his role as Spock in Star Trek really just further proves how amazingly diverse he is! Hope to see more soon!

  • Zoe Wolfe

    When did you do this?

  • agent-prov

    Oh, god!

    REALLY big pics.

    Taking the first one, if you dont mind, for a neckties blog entry:

    Non-profit blog, just fans of neckties and other things (like Quinto and photography).

    Crediting, of course (you and the web sources).

    These ones make me discover your work: I had seen previoulsy the pic of Ashley Greene and the train (great too), but didn’t know the name of photographer. Love them! Lot of neckties!!! :-)

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  • Jackie

    How is this nonsense Art? it’s unoriginal and lacks creativity. Zack is good but the artist is really over rated. I mean let’s throw milk on someone and film it. Wow! Artistic and lay on the ground and i’ll take your pic laying in dirt or biting handcuffs. Un real what people think talent is these days.

  • Jennifer

    I love chris, too!
    and I want they be together!!

  • Dana

    All I can say is DAMN! I just happened upon this video on YouTube, and followed the link to your site. You are an amazing artist Tyler! I am a huge Zachary Quinto fan, and I’m glad to see him doing so many different things. The video is incredible, phenomenal, exquisite and every other complimentary adjective! I’m really glad that I’ve discovered your work….Please post more pics of Zach, we fans just can’t get enough!

  • Lucifer

    Good God.

  • Marina

    Sock, Syler, and everything in between…Zachary’s one of the few actors of our time that gives a genuine performance. Zach, awesome in every way! The last photo before the video is my favorite.

  • Besarien

    That’s milk well spent.

    Really beautiful inventive work all over your site. I just happen to be a fan of this particular subject and faux bukkake for the lactose tolerant (a thing I didn’t know about myself before this, though it doesn’t surprise me in the least.) Very nicely done and thank you for sharing. Bet this will mean more publicity than you ever expected.

  • Chelseyy

    Yay these were uploaded on my birthday and I’ve been checking back for more but they haven’t been uploaded :/
    Haha but on a more serious note, I thought this shoot was very well done, he’s able to portray so many diverse looks and that’s what makes him amazing. Not to mention the photographer is amazingly talented too, so put those two factors together and you get pure awesomeness.

  • tyler

    there will be many more in the book when it comes out!

  • Jenni

    You are very talented. Can’t wait to see more picture of Zachary.

  • Amibella Ramos

    I lurrve Sylerrrr<3

    HEROES, is the shit.

  • cuadra

    Did you modify this theme yourself? I like the color scheme :)

  • sychh

    This guy is just beyond hot. Everything about him makes my ovaries melt. <3 ^^

  • Bukkake Tube

    Really hot babe. Does she got some official site?

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  • heysun

    zq is unbelievably tasty!!!

  • Shelby

    I like this art…. it is different. The music selections are good, the actors are fantastic, and the creativity is definitely something unexpected. Surely, anyone could do it, but who did it first? We should at least give him creds for making the videos in the first place. That’s taking a step there. He is marketing off of what people would consider stupid but making lots of money to do it. We should all come up with dumb ideas and market them. Then we could call them art and the world will be one. :)