Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll is really an amazing actress if you watch True Blood which I would guess most of you do she is the new young vampire and she is amazing on the show This is one of many crazy photos I have of her and we also did an amazing video portrait! If you have yet to see True Blood check it out Deborah is a true artist.

Deborah Ann Woll
This is Deborah Ann Woll.

Are you a true blood fan?

did you enjoy last nights episode?

  • rina

    I love her. Hope she is a permanent fixture on the show.

  • Gineene

    Tyler you got me hooked on True Blood! Hehe last night was fun :)

  • NICK

    Yur werk is sik!

  • carOline

    SHe is extremely attractive. . . i have a thing for red heads ;)

  • MIKA

    i like her with fangs

  • RaNdY


  • Emilee

    i’m soooo happy about this. i think she’s really beautiful :]

  • Amy N.

    I love True Blood and she is my fav vampire right now. She was so awsome in last night’s episode …. I hope they let her nice guy live!

  • Axis&Allies

    I love her! she annoyed the crap out of me for the first episode or so but she has grown on me. Plus she is just a beautiful girl to look at, Great photo of her……just awesome.

  • Jay

    That sort of looks like the bra from the Summer Glau shoot.

  • kiki_miserychic

    I watched last night’s episode of True Blood just this morning. Deborah Ann Woll was amazing, of course. Excellent photo!

  • tyler

    thank you kiki!

  • EricGroupie

    Deborah Ann was *gorgeous* on TrueBlood this past Sunday.

  • ThomasŸrazier

    True blood will go down as one of HBOs best series by far. A lot of people wont agree with me but its true. It is catching on fast and I’m definitely a huge fan.

  • GurlinDaShadows

    Some friends of mine say that I even look like Deborah Ann Woll…. hmmm ?!?? Can’t wait to see the finale of Season 2, I swear, this Wait is Torture.

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  • MJ

    Her look and beauty is enigmatic but somehow you have captured it.

  • Des

    Ohhh please have more photoshoots with Deborah!

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