New Project

I am working on a new project I am not ready just yet to say what it is but I will say there are some amazing people on board and it is something I am very excited about… Make sure you check back as the week unfolds for more updates and if you guess and leave a comment maybe just maybe I will confirm!

Haley Bennett

This is the Xray shot I did there is a behind the scenes video for this which is crazy!

Excited to hear about the new project?

  • samantha

    I’m tired of being teased Tyler tell us already.

  • Tedd

    cant wait for the behind the scenes of this one!

  • Tedd

    damn you Samantha you beat me on the first comment!

  • Anja


  • Anja

    and yeah deffinetely excited about it

  • tyler

    its a crazy one tedd!

  • Marrissa

    I can hardly wait your making such a big deal about it!

  • samantha

    Tedd you too slowwwwwww haha

  • samantha

    I’m supa quick son.

  • Wendy

    It looks like the person who has the gun in there mouth is really leaning into it geeeze

  • Buck

    Hell yeah. That looks insane.

  • Sheila N

    holy crap!

  • Cassie Ann

    This is one of my favorite art pieces that you have done.

  • bev

    Another hit :)

  • Preston Walker III

    damn that’s some crazy shit right there what you got goin on man don’t be leavin me hangin

  • Kristen Rocks

    How did you do that?

  • alison

    new project how exciting!

  • Calvin

    where’s the video at?

  • Kyle

    Are you making a spaceship?

  • Lacy

    tell us now! PLEASE!!

  • angie

    what a cool shot. i have no idea what u are working on but i’m sure it will be very interesting :)

  • brian


  • Heather

    I absolutely love this one. xoxo

  • Jenn

    that is crazy looking

  • remelle


  • ralph

    I’m not sure what you’re doing but I’m gonna guess it’s gonna involve a camera.

  • Steven

    Great shot, never seen an x-ray quite like this before

  • Becky


  • Kirsten

    Are you going to release the behind the scenes video anytime soon?

  • michelle

    hmm, not sure I’d feel safe having a gun in my mouth, but it definitely makes for some great art :) :) :)

  • monica

    THERE a VIDEO?! That’s amazing! Can’t wait to see what the new project is… See a few guess up here and no one has gotten it right yet so I’m sure it will be such a trip in itself. Good luck with it!

  • Azerlyn

    Is it JUNO?