Dead Deer

A little something from the road This is a deer I found and I must say this was a crazy thing to see up close and personal more to come from this… Often people wonder what the story is with dead animals on the side of the road I honestly have no idea what this animals story is, the only thing I do know about this deer is that it was quite a sad and beautiful site!
dead deer

The Dead Deer…

What are your thoughts on this?

  • monica

    Here’s the story, the deer was in the road, some asshole who was driving too fast and hit him, and now the deer is dead

  • Alice

    The light looks amazing like it’s the deer’s soul or something, definitely beautiful

  • Benny

    Poor deer, at least you made the most of the situation

  • Kelly

    I always get sad when I see hit dead animals on the road, especially dogs

  • Neil

    This is incredible

  • Riley

    The story is we as humans have overdeveloped to the point where animals have to risk their lives in ways that aren’t natural. This picture is a sadly beautiful example.

  • Lauren

    Very moving stuff Mr. Shields

  • michelle

    this makes me sad :(

  • Steven

    You could make some good stew with that deer. Maybe a nice jacket as well. You see you gotta maximize every opportunity you get in life.

  • Pete

    Damn man, that rough

  • Sydney

    This is amazing

  • Justina

    I’ve never seen a picture like this before,

  • Molly

    I remember when I was a little kid on my way to school my mom hit a cat, I was so upset she let me stay home for the day.

  • samantha

    My thoughts? Life is short, make the most of it!

  • Vince

    Man that deer got fucked up

  • antoinette

    accidents unfortunately are a part of life

  • whitney

    i don’t ever really wonder what the story is, I just assume they got hit by a car.

  • Rachel

    Death is a part of life, one way or another it’s going to happen to us all.

  • Julie S.


  • sara

    its sad to think about but i think i’ve seen more dead deer in my life than living ones.

  • Keelee

    If we had flying cars this wouldn’t be a problem, I’m just saying

  • Florida Girl

    I can’t stand seeing dead things, my dad and brothers go hunting every year I think it is disgusting!

  • gordon david

    that’s a tough one there isn’t it. great shot though mate, the light is incredible.

  • natasha

    my heart weeps for the deer

  • Beverly

    This makes me want to cry

  • Heather

    Go into the light

  • Lyndsay


  • Vanessa

    Where one cycle ends, another begins. Thank you for this picture Tyler.

  • Reba

    It’s amazing how you’ve taken something that i cringe at while driving and make it beautiful. It’s really a peaceful picture, like he’s going home in the instance you snapped the photo. Amazing!

  • Erin Navy Red


    You’re on the road again? I just left Florida and am on a plane right now to LA. How far south are you going?

  • monica

    haha. love peoples stories for this one… m.

  • ashley dawn

    Only you would think to take a picture of a dead deer! Which is a good thing. This is heartbreaking.

  • steph

    the only sad thing there is the pour deer =( cause the light is soooo wonderful

  • Azure Eyes

    you’ve got quite the eye TS

  • Matthew

    I live very nearby this, in the county where Tyler and his Compainions were arrested for hanging over the interstate Bridge and taking pictures. Deer are very common, and the person that said an asshole hit the deer, it might have been, but deer are like ants here and are everywhere so we hit one and either you car is totaled or oyur truck is fine. but nonetheless, an amazing picture

  • miley white

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