Alex Meraz

Alex Meraz is a bad ass! Alex Meraz who is in the Film New Moon! Also thank you to the many fans who kept hitting me up on Twitter everyday Making sure I release these photos…. You can’t mess with the New Moon fans you guys are amazing beyond believe keep it up! To any of you who don’t already Follow me on Twitter
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Alex Meraz

Check back for more photos everyday!

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  • Margarette

    OMG I Can’t wait for New Moon Alex is lookin good!

  • Kyle

    Freaking awesome video man that dude is intense

  • amy

    You’re twitter updates are the best Tyler, keep up the great work :)

  • Trisha


  • frank

    Damn man that video is crazy he looks like he’s about to turn into the Hulk or something

  • Jenn

    Loved the video, I wish you post more of them! New Moon is going to be epic

  • michelle

    New Moon! Less than a month yayyyyyy!!

  • james

    Great stuff man, I gotta say I don’t really understand what all the hype is about for these movie, but then again I’m also not a teenage girl.

  • Becky

    I love this

  • Curtis

    Very cool video, is that Nine Inch Nails?

  • OJ

    That boy done lost his mind

  • Danielle

    Alex I want to have your babies xoxoxoxo

  • alison

    New Moon is gonna be even better than the first movie can’t wait to see Alex doing his thing

  • brian

    i think that guy needs some anger management classes

  • Hugh

    Alex is not messin around

  • Kirsten

    Great video, great picture can’t wait to see more stuff :)

  • Cassie Ann

    Loving me some Alex action

  • Keelee

    nice bod



  • Rachel

    I just signed up to twitter so I can follow you, I need more Tyler Shields in my life :)

  • Lyndsay

    This guy is insane I love it!

  • Vince

    I got one question, was the shirt pre-ripped or did he Hulk Hogan that shit for real?

  • Ivey

    Some people use sledge hammers, apparently Alex likes to use his elbow

  • Heelee

    Finally! YAY THANKS TY!

  • Julie S.

    He’s a hunk! New Moon is going to be amaaaaazaing :)

  • Ginelle


  • LeXus

    He gets a 10 on the macho scale for that one lol

  • Unlce JJ

    He looks like he could put up a fight…is he a vampire in the movie?”?:

  • Wendy

    New Moon is going to be so good I can’t wait. There are so many vampire shows and movies but I think the Twilight series is the best thus far….Vampire Diaries could be pretty darn good :)

  • That Guy

    Nice punch dude. Pretty crazy on video.

  • isabelle009

    The Vampire Diaries is going to be really good.

  • isabelle009

    Oh yea nice abs Alex ;)

  • Kristen Rocks

    My future baby daddy hahaaaaaaaa. Release more Tyler! Pleeaaaaase??

  • MIKE D.

    It’s never enough for u girls is it? Keep your pants on Kristen LOL

  • natasha

    That vid was intense! I love it. When does New Moon come out?

  • Cassie Ann

    Thanks for finally releasing images of him! Alex is going to be awesome in the new moon. Are you going to be showing more as time draws near the movie? Thanks for sharing :)

  • nicole

    oh my

  • Reba

    Love It!!!!!!!!!!! I’d like to see more kellan though! haha!

  • Super

    That was intense, 10 on the scale for real.

  • monica

    how bout one of him eating a peach? *giggle *blush ? ?

  • Lily

    Hmm he looks pretty different in there.. but awesome!
    So, can we have some The Vampire Diaries cast as well, PLEASE? ;)

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  • liz raine

    in. tense. !.

    wonderful as usual, mr. shields.

  • Tess

    You are clearly my favourite photographer Tyler, I admire all of your work. I had the chance to meet Alex on the weekend and had to ask him about you. I heard many great stories about the shoot. You are one crazy guy! <3

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