• Gordon

    You run cold I run hot. Hate the heat love the cold.
    I love Star Trek!!! Zach did a great job – better than I anticipated. Part 2??

  • Dina


  • Ashley Pulido

    That milk video was interesting to say the least hehe. Got any more footage of him? So goood lol

  • Victor Aries

    I will ab so fucking lutely be watching ST.

  • Carlee

    Its over 110 here in the desert! Eeeeeeeeeeek this sucks. No AC…

  • edwin vulger

    spoc rulez

  • cindy

    More video?

  • nate

    Star Trek’s my favorite movie this year so far, he did a great job.

  • Kendra

    I like the travel section on your site! I’ve been to the Big Texan but didnt want anything to do with that 72 oz. steak LOL

  • Rude Boi

    Post some more Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad THAT SHOW ROOCKS

  • Perry

    Star Trek the movie I thought was going to suck but they did a great job.

  • Marky Mark 2

    Biting handcuffs can be dangerous to your tooths.


    Star Trek fooooorrrreeeeeeevvvvveeeeeerrrrrrr.

  • michelle

    Geez that sounds pretty uncomfortable, stay hydrated!

  • zanderq

    Dude that Alex Meraz video blew the fuck up!

  • Lyndsay

    I LOVE U ZACH!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    Are you ever not working on a new project?

  • natasha

    Wow. Its only 85 in OC. Sunbathing time for Natasha :)

  • ochocinco

    On such a hot ass day you might just kiss the baby.

  • Kirsten

    Awesome photo, the lighting is flawless

  • samashley

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world. When does the new one come out? Is there a new one? Theres got to be after how good the last one was. Keep us posted Tyler with the inside scoop ;)


    Your milk video is inspiring hehe

  • Calvin

    Live long and prosper

  • OJ

    Easy there chompers

  • Lacy

    Anyone know when the new season of Heroes starts?

  • Money Mayweather

    Ochocinco we gotta kick it sometime man.

  • Sheila N

    I was very impressed with his performance in Star Trek, I haven’t seen Heroes but I’m sure he’s just as good in that.

  • canadian skater

    Star Trek was good but I’m sure number 2 is going to be insane. Looking forward to it.

  • Deanna

    The milk video spread through my work like a forest fire thanks Tyler Shields :)

  • ralph

    damn 104 that’s hot as fuck

  • Jenn

    Love this one xoxoxo

  • brian

    He looks angry.. you don’t want to make him angry

  • alison


  • Rhianna

    I like this picture so much its my new screen saver :)

  • asshole andy

    he did pretty good but chris pine is my man

  • Trisha

    I like warm weather too, but 104? Really? That’s a bit too hot for me, glad you are enjoying though :)

  • 7amsleeper

    Star Trek was awesome and I hate sci-fi stuff.
    I saw some of your videos at the Tool/Linkin Park concert last week! ….what was going on with that?? Looked really cool.

  • enrique

    new project sounds exciting good luck!

  • MIKE D.

    Zach u da man.

  • amy

    I hate sweating

  • xstina

    Stalker alert above.

  • Hugh

    Spock is the shit!

  • Beverly


  • Keelee

    I have a school girl crush on Mr. Quinto tehee xoxoxoxo