New Ashley Greene

I have a very extensive collection of Ashley Greene photos and videos some will come out soon some will be saved for The Dirty Side of Glamor… This photo was taken down in Shreveport in a real swamp right as the light crept away from us we realized we would have to walk back in the dark which was a great time, trying not to fall in the holes was my favorite part… photo of Tyler Shields and Ashley Greene

ashley greene

For more of Ashley check out this video! ashley greene video portrait

Are you going to see new moon?

  • jessica

    wow. great shot. she is so beautiful. i love the fog is settled on the ground in the background.

  • Kyle

    I think I’m in love

  • michelle

    Duh of course I am going to see New Moon! She looks soooo beautiful in this one I want to see more!

  • Danielle

    Sounds like this shoot was quite the adventure

  • Jenn

    I LOVE this!

  • enrique

    so let me get this straight, you have more videos of Ashley Greene that you haven’t released? What are you waiting for!?!

  • Preston Walker III

    Damn that girl is fine!

  • Steven

    She’s def got more on in this shot than the last pic I saw of her ;)

  • alison

    whatever if I looked as good as her i’d take naked pics of myself too!

  • Steven

    Hey I’m not complaining, I just think its sad what some people will do for attention these days.

  • Lacy


  • Trisha

    New Moon is going to be amazing I can’t wait!!!

  • brian

    That video is fucking genius, I love the reverse effect with the radiohead.

  • Paula

    Your black and white work is on another level

  • OJ

    I got family in Shreveport what the hell were you doing over there man? That place is terrible.

  • Margarette

    Personally I think this pic is 100 times sexier than those awful nude shots that came out of her a little while ago. I look forward to seeing more :)

  • steph

    oh wow!!!!! she looks so lovely!!!! the forest looks better in her than a train XD jejeje

  • Calvin

    Holy hotness Batman!

  • angie

    Wow I’ve never seen her like this, great shot Tyler.

  • frank


  • monica

    beautiful. can’t wait to see more. one of my favorites is of the two of you dancing. : )

  • ralph

    I don’t really understand what the big deal is with these twilight movies, but I’ll look at pictures of her all day!

  • Azure Eyes


  • kristina

    love the new photos
    good job tyler!

  • ashley dawn


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  • rv

    This post has me confused.