Smoking Gun

When people see this they ask how I did it, Personally I think it’s best to never answer that, then when they ask me if the girl is still alive I just give them an intense look as they begin to laugh I keep the look going until for one moment they maybe think I could be serious…. Then I laugh and it becomes funny! This was an incredible shoot, now I must go as I am getting ready to shoot again right now. I have not shot during the day in a while!

the smoking gun

This was a fun shoot. Many more to come!

Did you watch the Vma’s?

  • alison


  • Kyle

    I don’t know how you did it and i don’t care, that shit looks awesome.

  • Margarette

    This shot is amazing, and yes I watched the VMAs. Kanye West should be ASHAMED of himself! That was Taylor’s moment. Typical man only caring about himself.

  • Paula

    I love the way you used the light in this one. Hope you have a great shoot today :)

  • nate

    Lady Gaga killed it!

  • Laura

    looks awesome indeed! and VMA was awesome, I just missed some singers and band there. like pussycat dolls and justin timberlake. oh, yeah, Kanye West is a pig – as everyone noticed.

  • monica

    smoke and mirrors or not this one is a visual stunner.

  • Curtis

    You’re crazy man! I like you.. but you’re CRAZY!

  • Kirsten

    amazing xoxoxo

  • Danielle

    very scary but very cool.

  • OJ

    Yo man that shit is incredible straight up

  • Jenn

    I missed the VMA’s but I’ve heard about the madness. Sounds like someone needs to teach Kanye some manners! Lovin this pic by the way.

  • Becky

    Is there video footage of this?

  • jason

    You always do the craziest stuff man, must be fun

  • Trisha

    The VMA’s were awesome! Taylor Swift deserves a public apology from Kanye West, I’m just saying.

  • ralph

    I thought the Michael Jackson tribute was done really well. Janet’s still got the moves. This photo is disturbing, and I love it.

  • Calvin

    This one reminds me of the xray shot, I don’t know which one I like more. Do you ever sell any prints or posters of your work?

  • Sheila N

    Shockingly beautiful

  • Steven

    What is it with you and smoking guns?

  • angie

    guns scare me

  • Steven

    It’s the people with the guns that you should be concerned about. A gun is just an elaborate piece of metal. That’s like saying irons scare you. Maybe that’s a bad example but you get my point.

  • angie

    Irons don’t shoot bullets.

  • ashley dawn

    Haunting, yet beautiful. I am incredibly jealous of your talent!

  • steph

    ok!!! this is one of your best!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Daniel

    Thanks so much for your inspiration. I am trying to find new inspiration for my own work. Check it out

  • Casey Carchidi

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