Haley Bennett Blond

Haley Bennett and I have done many shoots, Ms. Bennett and I even have a new secret project we are working on together. This is just a shot I took while we were playing the other day and I thought why not release it! If you have no seen any of the other work we have done together check out her Video Portrait here Haley Video Portrait
and another photo of Haley Haley pic
Haley and Tyler HB-TS
You may know her from Music and Lyrics… Did you see that movie?

 Haley Bennett nude

This is a new photo of Haley Bennett

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  • alison

    black and white = amazing

  • Pete

    My god man she is so beautiful

  • Hugh

    I second Pete’s sentiments

  • michelle

    I’m not a supporter of smoking, but i must say the smoke looks pretty cool in this pic

  • Reba

    Love Haley. I’m a closet writer and always cast what i write, she was a lead character in the last one i wrote. Seen pretty much everything she’s been in.
    In reference to what michelle said, i am a smoker, and as there is so much negative outlook on it, i love when you incorporate it into something beautiful.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ashleywalters Smashley

    this is bueno. muy.

  • tyler

    thanks smashley how u doing?

  • http://www.myspace.com/ashleywalters Smashley

    excellent. how’s you? busy bee.

  • tyler

    good just working like crazy!

  • Matt

    this shit is awesome

  • Lauren

    OMG I LOVE THIS! Her hair looks GREAT :)

  • michelle

    Well Reba, the reason there’s so much negative outlook on it is because cigarette smoking kills you. It’s science. I’m sorry you feel the need to accelerate that process. And what exactly is a closet writer? Didn’t you just put yourself on blast? Perhaps you should change your title to “accomplished comment poster”.

  • Reba

    ouch michelle didn’t meant to start a comment war. I know that smoking kills… i was just saying that i thought it was nice to have someone not blasting it for once. Closet writer means i write, but i don’t have anything published, nor am i trying to get it published.. it’s just a hobby, sorry i didn’t spell it out for you.

  • tyler

    Lauren thank you!

  • michelle

    Sorry Reba, didn’t mean to stress you out, why don’t you go grab a pack of Virginia Slims and relax. And if you don’t want to start comment wars then don’t involve other people in your comments. Bottom line this is a great picture, I think we can both agree on that.

  • Curtis

    Goodness the blog is intense today. Love this shot Tyler, and yes I always want to see more of Ms. Bennett :)

  • Wendy

    Hey Tyler would you mind asking Haley not to be so beautiful all the time, it really isn’t fair to the rest of us. Thanks.

  • frank

    What is it with you and secret projects? Were you trained by the C.I.A. or something?

  • Steven

    Damn when did you shoot this? 1946?

  • Danielle

    amazing :)

  • Becky

    I think you should make a book of all your black and white photos.

  • amy

    I love that black and white shot of you two

  • monica

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

  • Reba

    Michelle, i didn’t mean to be in disagreement with your comment. I meant only that since you brought up the topic i would give a different point of view from someone that does smoke. Don’t act like im giddy that i smoke, that’s not the case, but i do get sick of always seeing black lungs rather than an image of a beautiful woman merely smoking. nvm. the pic is beautiful and keep up the good work Tyler.

  • Wendy

    Haley Bennett is so pretty, I remember when I first saw her in Music and Lyrics and thought she was too pretty to be real. I also saw her other movies (The Haunting of Molly Hartley and recently, The Hole at the Toronto International Film Festival) and I think blond hair is more fitting for her, maybe it’s because I first saw her as a blond, I dunno.

    I like how the black and white makes the smoke coming from her mouth looks like a little burst of magical light, very nice effect.

  • Azure Eyes


  • SHOOTthesun

    You know, Tyler…sometimes the spur-of-the-moment is the RIGHT moment. I adore this photo – it has mystery, sexual invitation, disgust, inquisitiveness all wrapped up in one luscious flutter of the shutter. Not to mention that David Lynch “Blue Velvet” feel about it. Gorgeous.

  • Lewis Pollmann

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