New Moon

You may have heard of this movie called New Moon a few of my friends are in it so if you like some vampires and other crazy things go see it and support! I have had the pleasure to work with all these amazing people below and hopefully we will do more crazy things in the future!

ashley greene

kellan lutz

edi gatheti

alex meraz

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
Here are some video portraits as well as photos from the people from New Moon

Want to see more from these kids?

  • Lacy

    OMG I am going to see it in 3 hours I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  • frank

    Liking the video portraits a lot, can’t really see what’s so great about the whole Twiligh franchise but then again I don’t think I am its target demographic either,

  • Wendy

    Love these shots Tyler, yes I would love to see more. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  • Kirsten


  • OJ

    Damn Ashley’s lookin good on those tracks, don’t worry I’ll save you gurl

  • Jenn

    I saw it last night, I wont give anything away but I will say that is was AMAZING. I thought Edi and Alex and Ashley did a great job. Kellan was great too I just wish there was more of him in there.

  • enrique

    muy bien

  • alison

    I saw it at midnight last night it was pretty awesome

  • Becky


  • Pete

    I think these dudes need some anger management classes

  • michelle

    this blog be sizzlin

  • nate

    I’m supposed to go see it tomorrow, I’m pretty excited to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Sheila N

    My boyfriend already got us tickets for tonight I CANT WAIT!!!

  • Preston Walker III

    I think that dude Alex need to smoke some weed or somethin that guy is too intense

  • Gina

    Love the shot of Ashley she looks beautiful as always. Keep up the good work :)

  • Curtis

    Edi’s the man!

  • Margarette

    3 of my favorite video portraits for sure!

  • Nigel Spudswerth


  • amy

    i dont really care about the whole new moon craze but i do like these photos, very cool stuff.

  • Trisha

    new moon = love

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  • Claudia

    AGain…love it…I really like the backwards thing with Ashleys Video….the rope looks amazing and fascinatng…Alex…WOW!! What an emotion! Anger in its best form^^ and Kellan…very interesting idea….please keep going…your work is awesome!


    love you work…

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  • Lauren Wright

    my best friend has been in an Anger Management class for 2 months now, he improved a lot when dealing with anger.-`-

  • Kaden Hayes

    Anger Management is necessary to prevent raging men in the streets.’”~

  • http://comparisonsofhomesecuritysystems| Kenton Pfrogner

    Hello, I really appreciated your comments above. Keep up the excellent work ! Thank You.