• Becky

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS TYLER! More behind the scenes please!

  • Pete

    Damn just saw her in the new Maxim, I recommend everyone else doin the same

  • Sheila N

    That black and white shot of her is magical :)

  • brian

    Ashley is a trooper! Not sure I’d let you tie me up on some train tracks.

  • Hugh

    Great video, can’t wait to see more

  • frank

    Def one of my fave video portraits, you can never go wrong with a little radiohead.

  • amy


  • woooooohooooooo


  • David


  • michelle

    she is soooooo pretty :)

  • gina

    I like how thrain is lurking in the background, ready to attack at any moment. The look on her face is perfect.

  • Markus

    Its great to have a peek into the way you work Tyler, I love these shots, Ashley is beautiful.

  • lauren elizabeth

    awesome video!
    thats always been one of my favorite shots :]

  • http://n-reed.com Danielle

    Enough of Ashley. I like the white/black one.

    Do you have anything more with Nikki? Any videos or photos?

  • alison

    “Your knots suck!”-love that!

  • jason

    Her eyes are incredible

  • Kirsten

    YAY ASHLEY! She was so good in New moon

  • angie

    she is GORGEOUS

  • Kyle

    New Moon was pretty hard to get through, at least she looked good

  • Matt


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