New Years!!!!

New Years was an amazing get together everyone had an awesome time and over 30 bottles of champagne were used in the making of this photo, I hope you had an amazing new years and have a great 2010! There are too many people in this photo to name but its all the normal posse, 2009 video is coming this week so stay tuned. Ever been in a champagne spray off?

Tyler Shields Haley Bennett


How was your night?

  • Persephone

    Happy New Year Tyler! Back from a faaaaabulous NYE party with friends.

    ~~ toots horn & tosses confetti at you ~~



    Wow, this looks like your interpretation of the creation of the universe…starting with the Big Bang of champagne corks!!!! Happy New Year to you, Tyler, this year will be yours – of that I am certain. xx

  • tyler

    @SHOOTtheSUN you could not have been more dead on!

  • April

    I knew it! New Year’s w/ you was probably off the chain. Ha! I only see more amazing things from you this year.

    I agree with SHOOTtheSUN, the pic reminds me of the big bang. You guys are creating your own universe with champagne.

  • DinoT

    looks like you guys had a pretty amazing time! :)

  • michelle

    Wow! Looks like you all had a grand ole time. Happy New Year &
    Welcome to 2010 :)

  • Leo

    Yo Tyler, Is the background and stuff edited effects or..?

  • Kali

    Happy New Year 2010 !!!!!!

  • Lyla

    what fun Tyler

    I’m jealous :)
    never done that before

  • Brittany Jones

    Awesome wish I had done anything even half as fun as a champagne free-for-all. Happy New Year from New Mexico Tyler.

  • Rebekah

    Well, that looks like a raucous good time! I’ve never had a champagne spray off, bath, fight, a bawdy debauch, alas I’ve only drunk it lovingly from a flute or a glass. That photo makes me jealous, why? Because all the people who I’d gladly engage in the behavior depicted with, are super far away!

  • Brenda B

    Looks like a good time. Happy New Year Tyler!

  • Kirsten

    AMAZING! HAPPY 2010!

  • tyler

    this was the best new years party ever!

  • Sheila N

    My New year’s was great but looks like yours was even better! Great photo, I look forward to seeing more from you this year :)

  • alison


  • Hugh

    It really does look like they’re floating in space, so cool!

  • Oscar

    I think I see 3 galaxies in there, very nice.

  • jason

    By far my favorite of the “fight” series. Don’t get me wrong, the cake fight was epic, and the candy fight looked fun, but this.. this is on a another level of awesome. Happy New Year!

  • frank

    My night was good, hung with some friends,. Diggin the new photo 2010 is gonna be CRAZE

  • Pete

    soooo good

  • monica

    AMAZING! Probably the best of the party shots! Space room with Champagne! Still can’t get over the black& white. Great Send Off for the New Year! Happy 2010!

  • Leo

    Wheres Haley Ramm in this? :)

  • Sunfell

    Oh, that looks like fun! I got sprayed with champagne, then with one of those confetti poppers (several, actually!) at a New Years Party while stationed in Germany. I looked like I had multi-colored measles!

    I kept finding confetti bits in the oddest places on me for frickin’ DAYS.

  • Nea

    Looks like you guys had fun. ^^ I was at home all night with family.