Handcuffs and High Heels

Handcuffs and High Heels make for a good time every time! To all the women out there if your man is ever down give him a little bit of this and he is guaranteed to enjoy it…

handcuffs and high heels

I love legs very very very much!

What about you what is your favorite thing about a person?

  • quixoticMoon

    Haha. What a great shot! There’s something about it that I really really like that I can’t put a finger on.

    And for me. I love eyes. I love them to the point of drawing them. A lot.
    If they’re a really bright colour or a certain shape, they’ll enthrall me. It’s odd though. Since it’s difficult for me to look into someone’s eyes for a long time in a conversation.

  • tyler

    quixoticMoon thats why its hard for you because your so drawn to it

  • maciena

    thats awesome!

    I love a persons mouth, here is why, when they smile, their smile draws me in, and when they dont’ smile, i want to know why they aren’t happy. its like a mystery to solve…..

  • quixoticMoon

    Ahh. Well, I guess when you put it that way, it explains why I feel uncomfortable.

  • Reece

    like Quixoticmoon i am very drawn to eyes too. Especially people with unique colours i can stare into their eyes and get lost in them. i also really like legs..alot. :3 but i find myself always commenting on something else and keeping it to myself i have no idea why i just do it. Great picture btw,very sexy ^_^

  • http://rdg1983.livejournal.com/ Rebekah

    Yeah, makes me want to whip out my fishnets, and my fancy shoes. However, I question the handcuff placement, don’t they defeat the purpose of what’s between the legs? Oh, that’s just mean, getting a lady all worked up, but she’s inaccessible!

  • monica

    good times there? ; ) maybe something not all like what it seems going on there?? eyes and smiles usually are first things I love about people in general… but ultimately I love a man’s hands. something about hands tells about a person’s character.

  • Hartley

    This photograph is very sexy and I love those tights! Was this the outcome of roleplaying, “Cops and Robbers”?

    What I like on men are two things that I call the “Jack Skellington look” which is tall and slender and the “English look” which is fair skin, fair hair and fair eyes. Which I also admire on women as well. I don’t mean to stereotype but whenever someone says the word “English” that’s just what I think of.

    In general, I love when people talk with their hands and make intense eye contact. Probably because I like people who can match my awkwardness in those departments.

  • Olayinka

    Awe! Were you in my closet? I likes asses!

  • Ana

    oumai… those tights I believe I have… those legs however fill me with envy. I have leg envy. HOYESIDO. My my… lovely shot. The shoes however I believe could have been a little more out there. The choice of jewelry is exquisite ;)

  • Ana

    Ps. …and as an aside… eyes, always eyes for me. Beautiful, deep, gentle, smiling, generous eyes. Mine are huge, owl-like and green. Blue, brown, grey, green, hazel… I don’t really mind!! Smile as well… but eyes are incredibly important. I’m a direct person which people tend to be frightened of. I always seek eye contact in conversations, when meeting new people etc. Eyes betray what your heart wants to voice, no matter what people say- there is no way of pulling the curtains across.

  • DinoT


    Never expect anything less from you:)

  • http://ziggyeor.blogspot.com ziggyeor

    I love everything about hubby but his legs are very nice too ;) I really like his waist right above his hipbone.

    I have to ask what brand of fishnets is that? They look awesome! Nothing makes me feel sexier than fishnets. I have them in lots of colors and styles.

  • tyler

    those are agent provocateur

  • tyler

    @maciena i enjoy a good mouth as well!

  • Gaby

    I also have a thing for guys hands, don’t ask me why but I do. Also eyes and faces in general, you can have the hottest body but if you don’t have the face to match forget it. I choose a good face over body any day.

  • Anais

    Your picture is so Genre Noir , So Femme Fatale ..

    Heels + Cigarettes + Red Lipstick + Tights + Handcuffs + Naughty Cop cover by blood handcuffing one hand of the Femme Fatale ( whom is clean as a kleenex holding her cigarette and the arm of crime ) = No Comment possible

  • nate

    now that’s hot!

  • eugene

    it’s all about the eyes

  • Kelly

    damn looks like a good time to me ;)

  • Lacy

    I have those leggings in white, my boyfriend loves them. Seems like the handcuffs would be more of a problem than a turn on, but to each his own.

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