Epic Kisses

I have been around some pretty epic kisses in my life (I have also been a part of some) but I wanted to do a special post just on some of those… Also make sure you check back tomorrow I just shot a special valentines day photo that I will be releasing in the morning! If you want to see more More KISSES

amazing photography

eiffel tower

matt dallas Haley Bennett


paris kiss

triple kiss

There are so many that I did not post and so many that have never even been posted…

Ever had a kiss like any of these?

  • DinoT

    Defiantly the second last one:)

  • JessC

    argh you didn’t include my favourite one!! I’d have to go for the 3rd one of these hehe

  • tyler

    which is your favorite?

  • JessC

    The shirtless couple kissing lying behind the car. I love that one the most, you can feel the emotion :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/JacineJuta Jacine Juta

    Hey! The 2nd one! Awesome backround!! :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/JacineJuta Jacine Juta

    Btw, I just saw your direct message.. thanks 4 replying back..

  • http://www.twitter.com/JacineJuta Jacine Juta

    background** err..

  • Lexy

    Second to last is definitely my favorite. The bend of her knee and his stance are just breathtaking.

  • Olayinka

    I’m in love with the Black & white infront of the Louvre!!! The form is amazing!!!

  • Gina

    That train photo is still my favorite photo of all time.

  • brian

    bottom pic is ridiculous in the best possible way

  • Lauren

    So much diversity i love it. I’ve had my share of epic kisses, each unique in their own way.

  • Becky

    Cool colors in the bottom shot, I often dream of kisses like these

  • Lara

    Wow, they are all quite intense, especially the first one. The Photo’s are as always really great, can’t wait for more.
    Rather personal question but I’d say the bottom one.

  • Lacy

    Quit holding out already i demand more!

  • Sheila N

    The car shot reminds me of high school

  • Preston Walker III

    I’ve kissed a girl in a pool before, but never i a pool in front of the eiffel tower.

  • angie

    these are great, more please!

  • Oscar

    I make my own magical moments you know what i’m sayin, but anyone would be lucky to have a kiss like any of these shots straight up word is born ya heard

  • enrique

    enrique likes the last picture very much

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mishra.aakash130 Aakash Patel