Red Lips

This was a hard one to pull off! I have had this shot in my head for a long time and finally was able to pull it off… When you have an idea you want to do it right away but sometimes it takes a year for it to come together this is a simple shot that I have been carrying around with me in my head for over a year, glad its finally out for everyone to see! Often times you have to remember, Life is a marathon not a sprint.

red lips

This is a crazy one to see very very big on a wall!

Would you be excited to see these photos in a gallery?

  • Jamie

    @Not Zach Same here for ZQ and Matt Dallas and Sean Faris!! He did such an amazing job on those photos!! :)

  • Melissa

    @not zach
    I have a love/hate feeling towards the kills series. (sorry tyler). I actually don’t like them as individuals but as a series I love it. Mostly because the first time I saw them, I was kinda like yeah, yeah, whatever, until I hit the end and had to just sit there for 5 minutes totally speechless.
    But I do love the “Life is not a Fairytale” one. That’s putting a twisted princess series in my head. Whatya think Tyler, feel like screwing with the current Disney princess perceptions?

  • Melissa

    mmm, any and all ZQ photos. The dripping rose one is also up there.

  • Not Zach

    how did I forget that one…
    Every Liquid Tyler gets his camera on, turns to celluloid gold

  • g

    I love when tyler tweets early in the morning. or is it late at night? Who cares! That picture is fucking awesome. Can’t wait to see your shows!

  • Jamie

    When are you shows scheduled? I mean will it be this year or next year?

  • Célia

    Oh man, that’s a fantastic shot! I can easily imagine having this pic covering an entire wall in my house. Brilliant!

  • Diane

    Hello from Nashville! Love your work. I’m @ work.

  • Melissa

    Ha, I love the early am tweets! I work graveyard so its a lovely distraction!

  • tyler

    @Melissa where is this graveyard?

  • Melissa

    Graveyard shift. 10:30pm-7:30am! :) But there’s a couple Civil War graveyards back east I’d be willing to work in, now there’d be some interesting/ghostly conversations!

  • Melissa

    Graveyard shift. 10:30pm-7:30am! :) But there’s a couple Civil War graveyards back east I’d be willing to work in, now there’d be some interesting/ghostly conversations!

  • Jamie

    Tyler, you’re still here? I asked earlier whether your exhibition is gonna be this year or next year, any idea? Thx :)

  • tyler

    I honestly cant say!

  • Diane

    Ha I work graveyard …7p to 7a. Come on for a visit & see our graveyards! we have lots of them & civil war sites too.

  • Jamie

    okay, then I’ll have to come back often on the site to find out when the events will take place! I’m persistent that way, lol :)
    Sorry to be a hastle by the way!

  • monica w.

    Instinctually, I found myself mimicking the mouth wide open… in awe. This is amazing! Bravo on finally bringing your mind’s vision to life!! I would loooove to see this in a gallery, damn, ALL of your work should be rock’n in galleries around the world 24/7/365… and those of us in Hawai’i would gladly host you :)

  • caelyn

    this is amazing. all of your work is incredible.

  • Gaby

    WOW i love trying to figure out how you accomplished this! Nice work! If you do galleries in ten cities one of them should be Denver, i want to see your work big.

  • Jo

    Tyler, please say you’re coming to London! I’d kill to see a gallery of your shots!

  • anais

    wow. beautiful photo.

  • tyler

    @anais thank you! how are you?

  • Kelci

    THIS BLEW MY MIND! shit its like she’s fREAKIN breathing water. so are you going to have a gallery in L.A. over the summer? I go to visit my family in Hawthorne and it would be awesome to see your work on huge walls

  • Rachael

    Dear Tyler: If you do have a gallery showing think of coming south for the winter…we are so very hospitable down here in Shreveport, LA… your work as always….the water looks AMAZING!

  • Elliot

    im glad you had the idea
    I would LOVE to see this blown up times a billiong

  • Tabitha

    Faster than a speeding water balloon!!! Reminds me of a magician catching a bullet on stage!

  • Olayinka

    @ tyler This Portrait is an indication that a gallery is need asap! Beauty at its best!

  • Megan

    I’ve just begun looking at the site the past week or so, but I am hooked, images even come up my dreams…obviously these make quite a statement..

  • Lisa McF

    Simply stunning. I think it may be my favourite thus far.

  • http://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/BOBCAT1939 Alistair*

    please have an exobition in london id love to see your work up close

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