Timeless has always had an impact on me through out my entire life… I live most of my life outside the realm of time I love the night and I think everything should be open 24 hours a day. Timeless also has another meaning to me, to be an artist your goal is to create something timeless something that lives on well beyond you that is the only way to truly have immortality.


How will you be remembered?

Are you a slave to time?

  • gabby

    I probably will not be remembered and I don’t care. I am hardly even noticed now, I’m kind of like a ghost.

  • tyler

    @gabby why are you a ghost?

  • http://modelmayhem.com/sammyvip Sam_Spillman

    tyler, i don care how annoying and desperate i sound but can we please shoot this week? This picture just put the icing on the cake, i am timeless, it runs my life, i never have enough but theres always too much of it

  • tyler

    @Sam this week is tough for me

  • gabby

    i just kinda feel like i am right on the edge of my own life sometimes

  • http://modelmayhem.com/sammyvip Sam_Spillman

    can we shoot next week? please send me an email, i dont mean to be creepy or look like a loser, your just a great inspiration and photographing genious

  • Brenda B

    I am not a slave to time. As a matter of fact, I rarely know what time it is or the date! I am lucky that way. How will I be remembered? As a great mother and great friend. (that won’t last forever but that’s OK with me).

  • Brenda B

    BTW Tyler – great picture.

  • tyler

    @Brenda B first thank you and second great mother is a huge one well done

  • lauren elizabeth

    wow ! i completely agree about the artist thing.
    i’m an artist as well, and i feel as though thats every artists goal for sure.
    to live on, and be talked about when youre gone.
    and for me, the greatest thing would be for people to talk about MY art, which is my life in the deepest of forms.

    love it.

  • http://boringshiksa.tumblr.com Tay

    I always worry that time is running out! Even though my mum assures me that 22 is practically baby years and I have plenty of time to figure things out. All I can think is OMG I’M ALMOST 25 WHICH IS ALMOST 30!!! I’m trying to live more in the moment though and just relax.

    Thanks for the great photos I enjoy every update!

  • tyler

    @lauren elizabeth you can make that happen!

  • http://rdg1983.livejournal.com/ Rebekah

    I am a bit of a slave to time, but that’s what happens when you’re still in school, your schedule is set.

    I’d like to think that some of the work I do now and will do, will be timeless. Hopefully all my forms of work, which include a mind numbing number of artistic endeavors, and I’d still like to try a handful of others, including, believe it or not… upholstering furniture.

  • lauren elizabeth

    oh i will !

  • tyler

    @Tay the future does not exist yet so no sense in planning so far ahead

  • tyler

    @Rebekah charles eames is iconic and amazing and i have 2 of his chairs

  • http://rdg1983.livejournal.com/ Rebekah

    @Tyler… I love Eames, but I’m all about Arne Jacobsen, and Harry Bertoia, with maybe some English Baroque, and of course a smattering of French Neo Classical. Sorry, interior design student.

  • pat

    I hope to be remembered as the person that inspired at least someone with words rather than you did just inspire me with your photographs. Needless to say, you will be remembered as the bad-ass photographer, one of the best of this century! You’ll see! Thank you for making me realize how much time I actually waste. Keep making amazing pictures, you’ll always have a fan here!

  • http://kikibug13.livejournal.com kikibug13

    Timeless. I wish I didn’t have to go by the clock, well, a little; it’s the price for me to live the life I do, the way I want, and I don’t have to run by the clock, but I still need to consider it.

    The best personal timeless is when you’re even kind of aware of time going on, but until something happens, it matters not at all. Say, vacation between Christmas and New Year – those days kind of merge with one another, and they go on until the new year comes and other things need to be done…

    Artistic, accomplishment timelessness or eternity… all we can do is the best that we have. And some of that will remain, set in the stone of people’s memory.

  • James

    I will be remembered as the man who told Tyler not to do (insert dangerous stunt here) just before Tyler’s untimely demise.

    Fucking sick picture, my friend.


    Time and I have long been at odds. Like you, I seem to live inside a bubble where there is no time. I hate the restriction of it and the way it demands us to create routines. Inspiration and passion cannot (for me) be governed by time. By the way, there is something intrinsically ‘Burtonesque’ about your ‘Timeless’ photo. I mean that in a hugely complimentary way. Love your stuff, as always, Tyler.

  • Gaby

    I love this one…really nice composition. I need to try to live by your rules more, I can’t get away from the feeling that there’s never enough time.

  • Nora

    I don’t feel like I’m a slave of time so I’m not.

    I think I will be remembered as endearing with a wierd touch.

  • Lexy

    I’ll be remembered. I’m just not sure as what.
    As a crazy, exuberant child. As an obnoxious adolescent. As a solitary and silent teenager. As a dynamic and passionate young woman.
    Or as that girl, with the really, really crazy hair.

    …No, I’ll definitely be remembered for the last one.
    I’m a strawberry blonde, and my hair is…well big doesn’t describe it.
    My hair = volume of a pantene hair models hair x 2.

  • Gypsy

    As soon as I’m 18 and leave the nest, I plan to live as a gypsy. I’d love to travel the world, learn about new cultures and make friends where ever I go (which is very easy for me seeing as it’s my natural talent to make friends with anyone I meet). I’d also love to pursue something within the arts such as acting or writing and even take on learning how to paint, play accordion, belly dance and learn the art of fortune telling.

    I just hope to be remembered as the lady who lived her life according to who she truly was and as the lady who cared truly for others and who others truly cared for in return.

  • Lisa McF

    My friend toured Canada last year and brought back material from a famous lecturer – I cannot for the life of my remember his name – whom studied whales. He believed they lived a lot longer than most creatures because they had no concept of time at all and therefore didn’t suffer from stress. So perhaps you’ll life forever Tyler :P

  • JayTravis

    Granted, I’ve only been coming here for a relatively brief period of time, having seen the links from Torresani’s twitters (interesting girl in her own right) but I have been trying to take in your work. I’m not an artist (at least not in the traditional sense) but I do try and appreciate what I see on more than just the surface imagery.

    I still haven’t seen enough of it, in my opinion, to feel I get the entire message, but I do have a little feedback to offer, if desired- and a few questions.

    The blood themes that permeate much of your images; I see that as giving a sense of common humanity- something we all share, regardless of our various backgrounds and perspectives coming to it. And in that same vein (if you’ll pardon the pun) the core of fear, of pain, and of seeking to reach beyond them I see as something akin to a power struggle between the artist and the viewer. Perhaps it’s a bit too obvious of an interpretation on my part, but feels like a sort of S&M play, with the artist having the illusion of controlling the imagery and therefore the message, while at the same time the submissive viewer is in reality controlling the game via their perception of the more abstract aspects of the images. The intimate relationship of trust between both sides relies on the willingness of the artist to accept his audience’s projections onto his work (perhaps that being part of the satisfaction taken in sharing its creation?) and the audience has to accept the fact that their take on the work may or may not be anywhere near the intended meaning of it- assuming that there even IS any one set original meaning. Or perhaps it is created like a fun-house mirror, where the distortion of conventional reality is designed specifically to avoid any singular definition that would limit the range of potential responses.

    Or maybe I have it completely Bass-ackwards? That’s why I’m asking. For someone who puts as much effort into the art as the technical aspects of this must involve, one would certainly get the impression that you wouldn’t do so without some reasoning behind it. I’m just trying to see if I am anywhere near understanding that enough to appreciate it for what you intend it as being- or to know if I am completely off the mark, and why. Hope you don’t mind the questions and observations, Tyler.

  • tyler

    @JayTravis there is of course a message and there are of course themes but the fact that you wrote that and feel that the message is working and there is meaning behind all of it to me and hopefully to everyone else

  • Kelci

    you said in this post you lived outside the realm of time..in the night. thats awesome. it reminded me of a series i was really into in ninth grade called the Midnighters. its by Scott Westerfield. the books about how there are 25 rather than 24 hours in a day. In this 25th hour the whole world freezes in time and these kids that call themselves midnighters, there special because there the only beings that aren’t frozen in the 25th hour. so they there basically these wonderous teens most powerful in the hour that time stops! which is between i have no doubt you’d be a midnighter! chek it out!

  • Serena

    That’s my picture! <3 amazing!

  • DinoT

    love love love!!!!

    i wish everything was open 24 hours a dayy too!! :(

  • http://tporter.typepad.com/blog/ Eulah Zeuner

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