Saturday all day

A little recap for you! If you have missed any of these you can go to the portfolio section and see bunch of stuff you maybe have or have not seen! I am in the middle of working on some new things one of which I am happy to say will be out the first week of may so get ready this ones going to be crazy!

red lips

busniess man


portia doubleday

life is not a fairytale

Hows your weekend?

Do you have a favorite of these?

  • bobcat1939 :aka: alistair

    the messages you portray in your photos are just breathtakingly amazing

  • Kristen

    I like them all but I think my favorite has to be ” life is not a fairy tale”. So true, so true.

  • gordon

    So far the weekend’s been quite nice. Going to be watching some boxing in a bit, pretty excited about that. As for a favorite from the bunch I’d have to go with the 3rd shot down. That’s some trouble I wouldn’t mind being a part of!

  • Sara

    My weekend hasn’t bee a weekend at all! I have to work tonight and all day tomorrow :( At least I can look at your photos to cheer me up. I love all the little details in the top photo, kind of looks like she is submerged.

  • Wendy

    I’d like to have a print of Life is not a Fairytale in my office. How can I make that happen?

  • David

    First week of May is going to be quite nice.

  • michelle

    That pic of Portia is AMAZING. She’s all, ya i just got smacked in the face, what about it — soooo good. My weekend’s good so far, we’ll see how the night goes. Could be a different answer by tomorrow.

  • Mike D.

    The trouble shot is the shit! Weekends bout to get a whole lot better when this Pacquiao gets goin. Keep up the goodness man

  • erica

    love them all!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    I LOOOOOOOVE Saturdays, anything goes! I like them all but I think my favorite is the foggy window pic. You can just tell there’s so much madness going on in that car, its wonderful.

  • Zach

    Weekend has been a waste, I’ve been sick since Thursday. And not the tolerable I don’t feel 100% but I can still function sick. I’m talking straight flu action. I’m so full of meds right now I don’t even know how I’m typing. That top pic is insane by the way.

  • Calvin

    First week of May is so far away, why must you torture us so!

  • alison

    “trouble” it’s just so much fun.

  • Gina

    My weekend is going superb, how’s yours?

  • Alex

    Impossible to pick just one, I like how there’s just a touch of blood on the end of the wand In the Life is Not a Fairytale photo. I love the tiny drops of water in the top pic, the details are all so overwhelming. One could stare at these for days and not get bored.

  • Sheila N

    It’s a tie between “Trouble” and “Life is not a Fairytale”, weekend is OK, not looking forward to monday that’s for sure.

  • enrique

    enrique likes the second photo, reminds enrique of high school

  • Steven

    I will clear my calendar during the first week of May, my brain will need that time to process whatever new treasure you have to bestow upon us.

  • Kyle

    Like em all. Wouldn’t mind having the trouble shot on my wall. Weekend is good. Life is good.

  • Lauren

    “Life is not a fairytale.” Truer words have never been written in glitter. Hope your weekend is going well Tyler, I’m sure it is :)

  • Megan

    Looking forward to more…(your work and the weekend, dear).

  • Olayinka

    I really enjoy the use of water in your portraits! My mind consist of science and the arts….I see H2O yet I see a true artist’s portrait of human and water! Its complicated yet simple….

  • Nora

    I can not decide between the first and the last one. I love both.

    Red lips because I can not really figure out how you shoot this. I guess she spit the water but I’m not sure. I love the red lips and the waterdrops which seem to be weightless.

    Life is not a fairytale is fascinating to me because we have a similar phrase in german and it’s so intresting how different people use it. Resignation or acceptance. I prefer acceptance. In this pic I enjoy most the difference between her right and her left leg/foot. It’s like everything you do can turn out fantastic or in a bloody mess (exaggerated) but there is no way to foresee it.

  • JayTravis

    I like the second one; brings back a few fond memories of a 1979 Corvette I had back in high school… (at least what I CAN remember of it)