Imogen Poots

I miss London and Europe for that matter… Cant wait to go back Paris in the summer time maybe, Whos coming with? This is Imogen Poots whom I shot in the middle of Costa street as I was nearly hit by a man on a motorcycle but he missed me by about 2 inches, all well worth it! Back to Europe soon. There is a small cafe right by here that is the only place in London I could find Lemonade and it was some intense Lemonade but amazing none the less!

imogen poots

Imogen Poots on Costa Street in London

Ever been to this street?

  • Patty

    Intense lemonade, Tyler? Sound intriguing. One day, I will.

  • Brenda B

    Was in London and Paris last year. Going back to London this year. I LOVE them both. Would live in either semi-annually if I could. Parlez-vous français?

  • Alex

    first comment! amazing pick take me to Paris with you PLEASE!!!!

  • Ericaaa

    No, but it looks lovely! Photo looks so classic or vintage. Loves it.

  • Pete

    Never been to London, wouldn’t mind checking it out though.

  • amy

    love this

  • michelle

    Well i am certainly glad you didn’t get hit! Fantastic photo, I went to London a few years ago but it was only for a day. I keep telling myself to go back but there’s so many other places I want to go too. Have you ever been to Iceland? I hear it is amazing.

  • Kirsten

    I’ll go with you :)

  • David


  • Nigel Spudswerth

    Used to live 5 minutes from there.

  • Matt

    Diggin the black and white, so classic

  • Oscar

    She is beautiful

  • Calvin


  • Matt

    I would love to go to europe, so much history and culture jammed into one place. I’m just scared I might not come back!

  • Kelly

    I love her pose, simply gorgeous.

  • Rebekah

    Last I was in London, I was too young to take much in, except the memory of some little boy in a park, screaming at his mother to help him dig a massive hole in the sandbox. Yeah, looking at Imogen is fifty times better than that memory.

    Glad you didn’t get run over, that’s for damn sure.

  • Rachel

    Paris in the summer, few things are better.

  • Kyle

    what was that guys problem? you’d think he’d see a guy taking pictures in the middle of the road and get some space

  • brian

    marry me imogen. i will buy you the most delicious fruits and freshest vegetables.

  • angie

    love it! xoxoxoxoxo