• Jen

    Not nearly as inspiring as yours I don’t think. Took the weekend off, intend on spending it vegging and watching movies with Mom. Sounds perfect to me.

    Hope yours is equally as brilliant!

  • tyler

    @jen thats awesome!

  • Gina

    love this photo!

  • Elliot

    hey who’s in this photo the first time he posted it he never said!

  • tyler

    sean farris and breane

  • Nora

    I put the Monte and the Dali posters I bought on my green wall and had a phone call with my best freind. Now I feel a big lack of macking on somone in my life (hope my translator told me the right words). I have to change that.

  • Dana

    Never been that crazy for me…but I hope one day it will be! Hope you are well, Tyler! : )

  • http://rdg1983.livejournal.com/ Rebekah

    Only in my very overly active imagination, no one’s ever been that well… open minded. Poor me.

    Weekend’s been light, although spending about three hours in a car with a 3 year-old was kind of exhausting.

    bundle up, Tyler you’re in the real world now!

  • meg

    i went on a photo adventure with a friend in a cemetery, absconded with an abandondd hubcap, and got told a story by a homeless dude. pretty good start to the weekend. onward to prestentation and lesson planing…

  • michelle

    I’ve gotten that crazy, but not as often as I’d like ;)

  • sara

    weekend’s good so far, bout to go out with some friends whoo!

  • marie caroline

    haha i don’t know why i feel kind off connected with this picture. hope you are having a great weekend! (:

  • Mike D.

    It’s always good hangin with the homies, have a safe trip back man.

  • antionette


  • david

    my weekend sucks i’m sick and in bed, glad to hear at least someones livin it up.

  • Kelly

    I wish it got that crazy for me, I seem to attract nothing but 2 minute champions, fml.

  • Juanita

    I got mad love for the NY too!

  • Kristen

    Love this shot! xoxoxo

  • gordon


  • Wendy

    What is that liquid that is all over them? Is that wine? That’s my kind of night!

  • zach

    dope pic man

  • Megan

    haha Tyler, you tell us first!

  • http://vd-fr.livejournal.com/ Elodie

    It’s Sean Farris & Breanne Racano ??