• Lisa M

    Isn’t that photo contradictory? Yanking on tied hands, yet kicking object of desire away? Or maybe you have another vision?

    My ex would not kiss in public, especially around kids, and never NEVER did we hold hands. It was sad, and understandable that we didn’t last.

  • Megan

    My weekend is coming to an end, but was very nice!
    Great shot, Tyler!
    Hope you had an amazing weekend as well!

  • tyler

    lisa m why not?

  • Curtis

    love this!

  • Megan

    I’m excited to be on line at the same time as Tyler, before midnight here, a real rarity!

  • michelle

    weekend was busy i worked the whole time. great photo, love the all black :)

  • tyler

    @Megan welcome to the chat how r u?

  • Jenn

    I’ve been known to bust out a little rope from time to time, you know for those special occasions hehe

  • Kirsten


  • Rebekah

    I wish I could see a larger version of this shot, really… then I think I could see the expression on their faces more acutely. I do like the message in your blurb, though the… ugh, I’m not going to criticize your attempt at your vision tonight, Tyler!

    I totally had shoes like the ones Elena is wearing by the by.

    My weekend was uneventful, unlike yours.

  • frank

    damn fine photo. I’d take that photo.

  • Wendy


  • Megan

    :) I’m great Tyler. Wide awake and wondering what to get into tonight? What are you getting into??

  • Alex

    I couldn’t agree with you more, PDA is good for the heart. If only I could get my girlfriend to buy into your school of thought.

  • Megan

    PDA, is not legal a lot of places, right?

  • tyler

    @Rebekah those shoes are awesome

  • Amy N.

    My weekend was great …. it was opening of the beaches here. The sandcastle contest was amazing as usual and the parade was hokey but still cool.

    I don’t see the picture as contradictory …. the pulling and kicking away of the “Object of desire”. Instead I see it as the push and pull of any relationship.

  • Lisa M

    @Tyler Why he wouldn’t show PDAs? I have no idea. Never properly loved as a child? Who knows? You have to be loved to be able to show love. Maybe he wasn’t.

  • Hugh


  • Oscar

    man i’ve never wanted to be a piece of rope so bad in my life lol

  • Lisa M

    @Amy N Oh I see. Guess I saw it from the negative side of things, rather than something potentially necessary to the growth of a relationship. That comes from living alone…..and liking it. :-)

  • Nom

    Weekend not so great….photo amazing

  • Cynthia


    “less people should engage in private thoughts of fear…”
    More words of wisdom from you.

    Oh, Tyler I need you in my life!

  • tyler

    @Cynthia why thank you!

  • Olayinka

    i like this one. looks like you guys had extra fun. my weekend was fantastic. how was yours? Excited to see may 1 with you :-)

  • Cynthia

    @Tyler I hope your toe is alright now!

  • Lisa M

    @Cynthia has anyone asked for a show called Dr Ty, TV psychologist? Hm, no I didn’t think so. Rats!

  • Lisa M

    Yeah what is that all about, Tyler? How many bones have you broken over the years?

  • Rebekah

    @Tyler, I have shoes that rival those now, not stiletto though, I fall on my face in those.

    Have a good Monday, Tyler.

  • Cynthia

    @Lisa M I’m sorry if that bothered you but I was just being honest.

  • JayTravis

    Kind of hard to engage in public acts of lust when one is single (although I did enjoy the photo). I suppose some of us will have to settle for seeing other people enjoying themselves in such situations. Ah, well…

    As for fear, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. And that guy hiding in the closet with the axe. And tyranny of government. There are about 6 million ghosts of the last century who would attest to the reason for fearing that from one country alone, and they weren’t the only country to go there by a long shot. Frankly, I’m less afraid of the axe guy. Him; I can deal with.

    But between the two, I’d much prefer the two girls… A man’s gotta have his priorities.

    @Lisa M, Some guys are just very insecure about that sort of thing. Probably more of a self-image issue on his part than any reflection on his feelings towards you. I’m just guessing, of course, as I don’t really know either of you in person. But you probably chose wisely in looking elsewhere. There is someone else out there for everyone, and they have been breeding new ones every day for the lifetime of the species. So why stay with someone who doesn’t share what you value? Wish them the best with kindness in your heart for them, and move on the next person.

  • ElizabethAbate

    Tyler, your work is BEAUTIFUL, and these girls are gorgeous. My cousin Cecilia and I are inspired by your work, and we’re starting to work on little photo/video projects of our own.
    Thank you for sharing your work, it’s gorgeous. <3

  • Ryan

    I really like this one. Hope all is well.

  • Tom

    Awesome shot and I couldn’t agree more with your statement! Well done.

  • Amber

    I agree.
    When i’m with my bf we tend to shut the world out, and if it were legal I’d do him on a bench haha. jkjk.

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  • http://modelmayhem.com/ellendarker Ellen Darker

    I can’t get over how perfect the composition always seems to be in your photos. Your models are always so expressive and unique also. Kudos <3

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