Haley Ramm Logan Huffman

There is just something about photographing people who are in love there willingness is amazing they want each other and nothing is forced! I have been wanting to do this shoot for years but have been waiting for the right couple and they finally came along and it finally happened! You see a fountain your with the person you love climb to the top and make a memory thats the perfect idea of love make memories…

haley ramm logan huffman

haley ramm logan huffman

haley ramm logan huffman

haley ramm logan huffman

Everyone has one kiss they will always remember…

Which one of these photos would you most like to be in?

  • amy

    AMAZING!!!! I want to be in all of them!!! :)

  • Deep Thoughts

    These are magical

  • Lauren

    I still remember exactly how I felt the first time I kissed someone I loved, there is no greater feeling in the world. Oh to be young again!

  • Susan McIntirre

    Great work Tyler! I bet you’d be an amazing wedding photographer for the stars! Hope I get to meet you next visit! I hear so much about you and your work!

  • Kelly

    Her dress is amazing, love these pics Tyler!

  • Hugh


  • The Magic Crystal

    I think I would want to be in the black and white one. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all great, but that one looks the most natural, just two kids living in the moment. Love it.

  • Kirsten


  • michelle

    The first one is the best photo I have ever seen, so I suppose I’d like to be in that one, but I’d be happy being in any of them :)

  • Gina

    I don’t think I can pick on. The top one is so fairy tale-esque, the bottom one is so candid and honest, a girl would be lucky to be in any of them.

  • David


  • Wendy

    The pose in the second shot down is flawless. They’re all flawless actually. You’re good at your job.

  • angie

    I would just like to be in love. Once. Is that too much to ask?

  • Steven

    Sweet pics, hope they took a shower afterwards.

  • alison

    she’s soooooooooo pretty :) :) :)

  • Nature Bleeds

    this is some epic shit right here.

  • enrique

    muy bien

  • Claudia

    I have no fav, I couldn’t they are all just too beautiful!!! If my future boyfriend reads this: U wanna win me over, kiss me in a fountain xD Amazing Tyler!!

  • Wendi

    Just phenomenal. This is why Twilight has obsessed fans. These pics make you feel that first love feeling and long for it again!

  • Lacy

    I just want to be loved

  • http://ashleyloseth.wordpress.com ashley dawn

    Wow, these are gorgeous! I have a dress very similar to that one and I’ve always wanted to do something amazing with it.

  • JayTravis

    Beautiful photos; especially the first one. But they leave me feeling a little sad… Not that I begrudge them being happy; only that it is such a distant memory for me that there are times I believe I will probably see death before that kind of passion again in my own life.

  • Jax

    They are a beautiful couple and your photos are amazing. I’ve followed Haley’s career for a long time and it’s really fun to see her grown up and in love. Great job capturing that feeling!

  • http://luvelezanamcflyer.tumblr.com ArgentinianGirl

    REALLY BEAUTIFUL PICS!! =) really nice to see new pictures of yours, as always!
    Certainly I’d SO love to be the girl on the rainy picture, the third one.. i thin it’s the one that reflects more LOVE and tenderness…

    I love your style! Keep amazing pictures coming! ;D

  • Gaby

    I love all of them! the top one especially looks like it’s just out of a fairytale. But i want to be in the last one, it’s so simple and REAL. Amazing work… this is my favorite set that you’ve done in a while.

  • billie

    WOW! Some of your best work, sir! Love Logan on V. Talented guy and his girlfriend is beautiful. We all want a love like this…..

  • mightyfine


  • Violet.. your admirer from Russia

    Your works! They are so impressive! they full of freshness, passions! They are like a breath of fresh air!

  • http://twitter.com/Yeremenko12 nastia

    The third one! No hesitation! The best position, the best pose, the best place! But of course, the biggest part belongs to the artist! That’s why, thank you, Tyler, once again, for these unbelievable photos, full of love, affection and passion!=)

  • http://www.modelmayhem.com/1081658 Toni

    I want to be in the last one. Like, this is a real, legitimate longing.
    Damn it :P You’re making me miss something I never even had.

  • Sofía

    Wow, I would most like to be in the first one, then the third. As everyone says, they are all amazing, it’s just that for me, those show the most passion, they are magical… dynamic really. I wish I could have a boyfriend to try and imitate these photos, they are really incredible.
    You see, the first one, the colors fading, the fountain serving as a shelter for the lovers, it’s magic… And the third one, a close-up of the couple, I guess what I love the most are the water drops. But that one makes me feel in the photo already… I can feel the water, the wet chlothes, the night freshness, but leave it all behind because I’m with the person I love the most, you know…
    Love your work :)