• lauren elizabeth


  • tyler

    its coming!

  • Jess

    my favorite color is Blue… but I like other too

  • Claudia

    Pastellviolet and Green.

  • Val

    green & purple <3

  • Lisa M

    Teal actually.

  • JayTravis


  • Mailén

    Purple and green apple.

  • Dana

    Actually red is my favorite color. What’s your favorite, Tyler?

  • Jluck

    Anything obnoxious like Neon colors

  • Dom

    My true love had red hair when we were dating…we dated for three years, now she won’t speak to me anymore, so red will always have a special effect on me…

  • Santana

    My favorite color is black, people are always telling me that dosn’t count but whatever. And I will admit red is a close second.

  • Julia

    My favorite color is white and people tell me that doesn’t count as well.

  • Santana

    Yellow is the color most likey to make you go insane.

  • Lewis


  • Valerie

    There is just something about red…it’s my favorite.

  • Mary

    My fav is blue

  • Rosie

    Red of course.

  • Sherree

    Pink is my favorite.