The dreams of dreams

I often do not sleep but when I do I have crazy dreams the last dream I had lasted 55 years when you wake up from 55 years of consciousness you are just tired this dream was an intense one to say the least i have lived hundreds of full lives in my dreams but this life is my favorite dream!

Tyler Shields love



Learn to control your dreams and you can learn to control your life.

What do you dream of?

  • Hugh

    Fantastic post! I never remember my dreams, perhaps they come out subconciously throughout the day.

  • Gina

    I dream of happiness.

  • Emma

    What if this is a dream?

  • Lily

    I’ve been trying to control my dreams for years. It seems like every time I dream I still get lost in in the dream. My dreams are so realistic, I dream of many things, and often will have a reoccurring theme. I dream in series I guess. Absolutely adore these photos!

  • Kevin

    I dream about knowing how you make collisions lol

  • David


  • Kevin

    Oh man, Tyler is bustin out the collisions, Im pumped, the collisions are my favorite.

  • Holly

    I have dreamed many dreams of many things and mostly I cant remember. there was a period when I was sure I wasn’t dreaming at all. Is that a sign of my lack of control of my life…;) it might be.

  • Sarah

    Learn to control your life and you can learn to control your dreams.

  • Gina

    when I was little I mostly had nightmares, now I dream of people from my past and people chasing me or me chasing people. p.s. These photos are amazing.

  • neil jennings

    I dream of a world where we all live in a utopian society. and boobs.

  • Alex

    I think “die with experience” is my favorite collision

  • Rachel

    I’m not sure dreams are meant to be controlled. Once you control your dreams you control suggestion and then your makin plans in reality and let’s face it reality never got us anywhere. ;) I want my dreams to roam free and lead me to new worlds of ideas I had not anticipated and I kinda want my life to do the same…

  • Kumar

    Thats some inception shit right there. I’ve gotten to where if i am woken in the middle of a dream I can go back to where I left off when I fall back asleep.

  • frank

    why would you want to control your dreams?

  • randolf burst

    I control EVERYTHING

  • ice cream man

    i dream about lots of stuff. most the time i dont remember them, but one recurring that i have is that i can jump really high, like 40 feet in the air, and then slowly float/descend down while being able to manipulate my direction.

  • Katy

    Awe pumkin! On the rare occasions when Tyler falls asleep he’s waking up more tired from dreaming an lifetime. These photos are some of my favorites. I mean Tyler has been pumping out so much work it’s becoming nearly impossible to pick favorites but the collisions are really powerful.


    I dream about my kids. I know its lame but I can’t help it I love those little bastards.

  • michelle

    I dream about you Tyler Shields. That’s right. YOU. call me. tee hee hee ;)

  • Gilbert Grape

    match in the gas tank BOOM BOOM

  • Natasha

    I’ve actually done extensive research on the subject of dreams and now sometimes I have dreams about doing research on dreams. wtf

  • Becca

    Don’t blow us up Gilbert! Dreams are still an untapped resource. the third photo down is my favorite but I have to admit love is often closer than it appears.


    Dreams should be cherished and used wisely in the waking world…have you ever dreamt about someone then encountered them for real? I have, and it’s amazing (once you get over the shock!)… Your Collisions are beautiful – just like the melding of the dream with reality. x

  • amy


  • Jasmine Rose

    I haven’t been sleeping often and occasionally the line between dreams and reality become blurred for me. I have been fascinated by my dreams for many years. I think that’s why when I’m asleep I never want to wake up…

  • Claudia

    I dream of everything. Mostly about Love and that Dreams come true…and I am definitely sure that I can see parts of my future with my dreams. I have so many deja vues and I always know that I have dreamed of this situation before. Not this one though xD

  • Heather

    W.W.J.S. ;)

  • Christine

    Sometimes I dream about alien invasions. Always a different one and they are no nightmares more adventure dreams. One of these dreams included time travelling that was fun!
    Sometimes I dream that I’m sleeping and dreaming. It’s weird when I wake up and realise that this was just the first level and I’m still asleep. Then I’m somehow between two worlds not really knowing if I should go back to the dream or wake up. I frequently had a nightmare like this (very creepy). But last time I decided to fight my way out of it and now I’m sure it’s not coming back again.
    I had four dreams including you. Always interesting even if of two of them I only have one scene left.

  • nastia

    I have nightmares all the time, sometimes I even don’t want to go to bed, to close my eyes, or to fall asleep just because I know that nothing good will happen, and in the morning I’ll feel empty and tired… So why should I sleep if everything’s okay even without it?=)

    But I can’t even imagine what it’s like to control your dreams, because I can fall asleep thinking of something pleasant, but as a result I’ll have a nightmare about my loved ones… It’s terrible!

    And have you learned how to control your dreams? Maybe there is a real way to come out of this bewitched circle! I would be really grateful if you could help me with a piece of advice=)

  • Ryan

    I have the most vivid sureal dreams from time to time, but I only remeber the whole context of the dreams on even more rare occasion. The other day I dreamt a real creepy dream that involved a friend of mine doing drugs. I often wonder if they have any meaning or if it’s my subconsious just randomly projecting a bunch of misguided ideas together. Sometimes I think if we could decider our dreams we, we would be able understand our human nature alot more.