Danny Trejo

You may not know the name Danny Trejo but you certainly know his face and now you have to know his name! Danny Trejo is in some amazing movies and he is even more of an amazing guy who I had the pleasure of working with his new film Machete comes out September 3rd make sure you check it out! Also featured in these shots is Electra Avellan who is also in Machete along with may other amazing people as well as Lindsay Lohan! To see the behind the scenes video of this DANNY TREJO BEHIND THE SCENES

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Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo Electra Avellen

Tyler Shields Danny Trejo Electra Avellen

Danny Trejo Electra Avellen Tyler Shields

More to come from this shoot!

Will you see the movie?
Do you want to see more?

  • http://BallMultimedia.com Joshua

    I’m definitely stoked to see Machete! Looks like an amazing shoot too! I’m not sure which is more awesome, the fact that you had an opportunity to work with Mr. Trejo; or that he had the opportunity to work with you!

  • Kelci

    I love these. Definitley going to se Machete..anything that spawns from GrindHouse is going to be awesome. Intense photos.

  • Cynthia

    Especially the last one ;)

  • LA

    You always have to make sure you get in Lindsay Lohan’s name don’t you?

    Another thing, learn how to write a proper sentence, it might futher your career and you won’t come across as a complete idiot.

  • Sam

    For such an ugly dude Tyler you sure insert yourself a lot in these photoshoots. Youre the photographer, like people want to see your ugly face next to beautiful actors/actresses.

  • Anthony Stroppel

    Tyler Shield once again fantastic work

  • mario

    i can’t put into words how psyched i am to see this movie! great shots!

  • Penelope

    Tyler I absolutely love these! I’m so happy you worked with him, can’t wait to see Machete! :)

  • Howdy Doody

    Danny is the shit! Glad he’s finally blowin up and gettin the attention he deserves!

  • Lover, you should have come over


  • Cliff Noates

    That first pic is the craziest shit ever! I freakin love that guy! Nice work

  • Sammy

    I am going to see it opening nite!

  • Putney Swope

    And the award for best film of 2010 goes to.. MACHETE!

  • Big Nate

    That last pic is insane. nice ups

  • King of Kings

    fuck ya I’m gonna see Machete. I’d like to see some more shots of Electra too!

  • OJ

    I told you it wasnt me!

  • Kurt

    Man how come I never get a nurse like that. It’s normally some old lady in a bad mood. Or a dude.

  • Lindy

    Sooooooooooo GOOD!!!

  • Frank the tank

    I would love to just once in my life to be able to see one of your shoots in person. I think my head would explode

  • Valerie


  • The Grateful Ted

    This kicks so much ass

  • Marty McFly

    more now!!!!!!!!!! please.

  • Tedd

    Danny Trejo is the shit

  • David

    Tyler + Danny = amazingness!

  • Jaime
  • Greeting from France!

    je taime!

  • http://monikapoppy.com monika poppy

    if you ever come to london and need a model im there in 3 seconds!
    Been following your work for years now


  • Christine

    The behind the scenes video made me smile. Thanks for that. Very cute (both of you).

    In case of doubt it’s always better to be underestimated.

  • Ashley

    Yes Ill see this movie, and yes I want to see more.

  • Sarah

    Tyler, Danny, and Electra! Awesome

  • Holly

    More? I I want to see more! I love Danny Trejo!

  • Jessica

    o.m.g. These are great! Cant wait to se the movie!

  • Kelly

    THe movie looks awesome. Love the video!

  • Adam

    Love the behind the scenes.

  • Jackie Sara

    Badass Rocker Star Mr Trejo! Anyone be so sorry to mistake you for God Damn Robin :) *gulp gulp*

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  • http://twitter.com/converse1 Jim

    It was sOOooo over the top awesome! Sprint to go see it! “Machete don’t text!”

  • http://twitter.com/Yeremenko12 nastia

    I saw it on the weekend! I am not fond of watching bloody movies, just because I am pretty emotional, but Machete was an exception! I love Jessica, Lindsay and Michelle, and De Niro as well, that’s why I just could not miss the movie, and wasn’t disappointed, not at all, I enjoined it on full! There are a lot of great scenes, which really are breathtaking, for example in the end when Danny Trejo rises his machete, and everybody does the same – incredible! Then I’d like to admit that Rodriguez made a great job with arranging music – it’s just perfect! But my favorite fragment is at the very end of the movie, I never expected such a final – Sartana with Machete – that is exactly what I didn’t expected at all! But I loved it so much! And on the whole there is a lot of action in the movie and it’s impossible to feel bored or something! All in all, great movie, incredible acting staff, breathtaking music and endless action – movie worth watching multiple times! I’ll definitely gonna but the DVD!=)