World Record

I have now beat Randy Gardeners Guinness World Record of 11.5 days with out sleep I am onto day 12 and going strong I will not stop! How is this possible you might ask well I have been training for this for many months now and during this I am under 24 hour watch someone is always with me and I am being filmed! As of now I am at 12.5 days my goal is to reach 40!

Tyler Shields record for not sleeping

There is nothing you cant do once you learn how to control you mind.

Whats the longest you have ever gone?

  • Ryan

    Tyler I hope you come out of this whole no sleep experiment the same as you did before you started. You are very talented I would hate to see that affected in any negetive way. God bless you man, your amazing.!

  • Andrew

    Guinness won’t publish it because they’re assholes!

  • DMom

    If you keep giving me treatments, I am going to sleep for forty days.

  • Midgetsbeware

    this guys a toolbag.  

  • Rasclflttslovr92

    Your a liar!!! I feel so bad for franny she deserves soo much better your psycho stop lying even your girlfriends doesn’t believe you she is just nieve

  • RobotDestruct

    This guy is fucking stupid. He is a HUGE liar and he is SO INSANELY INTO HIMSELF! What does Franny see in him? Unbelievable. She is the only girl that makes me laugh, she is gorgeous and smart. What are you doing baby girl? Seriously, look who you are with! He is pathetic, a liar, not attractive, controlling, selfish and obnoxious! I seriously will kick his ass when I see him, he needs to be put in place. 


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