Ali Cobrin

Ali Cobrin is flexible to say the least “can you get on top of that train while wearing high heels?” The answer was always yes i can do that and she did it! Her new show LOOK debuts on showtime on Sunday night also on the show is my buddy Colton Haynes check them out I hear the show is crazy!

ali cobrin

ali cobrin sexy

ali cobrin payphone

ali cobrin

This shoot got so crazy that in fact the police came and put stop to it while I was being frisked the officer discovered a pack of gum some chap stick and well a bit of my private area if you know what I am saying…

Do you have a favorite of these?

  • nastia

    OMG! The last one is incredible – I can even feel what is happening down there! I can’t describe all the feeling that I got when I saw the Shoot! Amazing! The last photo is definitely will be on my wallpaper!
    A bit of your private area – I am not surprised! It’s just reasonable after such a passionate shoot! Ali Cobrin – is the hero of my day, I will definitely do some stretching, even more than usual=) I am fond of it!=) And you are sensational, creating such unbelievable photos! Keep doing all these, keep making me happier with every step you take!

  • Christine

    The first one is my favourite. The light is fantastic and I’m very impressed that she climbed the train in heels.

  • Cynthia


    They’re all great as always Tyler, but I must say the first one is my favorite.

    I’ve never gotten in trouble with the law.

  • Christopher

    Yes I have been frisked and it involved a shooting as well! ^_^ Details here:
    Note the little prescription bottle of white powder in her hands. They didn’t even ask about that.

    As for these shots, Top one for scope. Feels huge, cinematic. The pay-phone for number of ways it could be interpreted.

  • Anna

    The train shot is incredible!

  • Kelly

    Wow. These are absolutely the best photos I’ve seen in a while. Tyler makes Ali look timeless and stunning, I mean that train photo needs to be on my wall.

  • Adam

    My favorite is the pay phone pic.

  • Dee

    It’s hard to choose a fav in this group but I’m going with the train yard.

  • Heather

    The first one is by far the best to me. All of them are great but that one is epic

  • Eleanor

    Are you saying the cop got a little fresh with you? that’s messed up!

  • rita

    she’s quite lovely :)

  • michelle

    that train picture is my new favorite picture ever

  • amy


  • valerie

    muy bonita!

  • Valerie

    Ali looks amazing! The train in incredible the last one is my favorite I love that the police were involved.

  • Farah

    Theses pictures are all my favorite right now

  • Trent R

    Trent R is impressed with what he sees.

  • blackbird

    the coyote howls at the glowing orb in the darkness, while the rabbit builds walls of magic that protect the world.

  • Jasmine Rose

    So the police man grabbed Tyler’s private area?

  • blackbird

    i am a serpent sent from the fires of nazareth to cast bewilderment upon all of your energies

  • Gina

    I love the first photo, I simply must have it!

  • Lily

    Ali looks incredible in these photos! I will definitely check out the show!

  • Natalie


  • Ethan

    I love these shots! the one with Ali and Tyler together is my favorite.

  • Kevin

    The train yard photo is my new favorite picture. Damn. so good.

  • Shahi

    OMG! Tyler it’s smth! That pic on train and the last one…u blew up my brains..really!!
    just take care of yourself, so we can see more of your works!

  • Penny

    Lol, I bet I could do it. I would most likely snap my leg but I could do it. x

  • Jackie Sara

    Trains are good. They don’t make me puke. Hat’s off she’s brave! When they frisk do they wear gloves? Haha. Truly I wonder. Give it up Vampire Tyler before Your mom hunts you down. LOL

  • guest

    a one where she’d place a call would be nice.