Scott Patterson and Taylor Cole

If you watch The Event then you already know about these 2 if not here you go! Scott Patterson Taylor Cole and myself got together and had a hell of a night! Check out The Event tonight!
YouTube Preview Image

 taylor cole scott patterson

 taylor cole scott patterson the event

scott patterson taylor cole

scott patterson taylor cole

scott patterson taylor cole

scott patterson taylor cole

scott patterson taylor cole

True love can take a life time to find but only a second to lose.

Do you watch the event?

  • murray

    That video was fucking awesome! Did that guy really jump of that roof?

  • kelly

    OMG Tyler I LOVE this!

  • Dreams

    Haven’t seen the show yet I hear good things

  • Lucy

    I am obsessed with the black and white shot of him laying on the floor with her under the spotlight. Simply amazing.

  • Pete

    The Event is the best show on television right now.

  • amy


  • Eleanor


  • Penny

    Scott Patterson!
    I love you again Mr Shields.

  • Julia

    True love is about as real as the easter bunny. We love who we want, we hurt who we love. Such is life.

  • madman 187

    that last pic is crazy is that a new collision?

  • whitney

    Yes I watch the event they are both excellent on it. Very cool to see them work together on a different project.

  • Roy

    I’m sure you would never do it, but so you know i would murder a whole village of people for you if you took my wedding pictures. Not that I am suggesting that you would want/need that, nor do I really want to do it. But thats the length I am willing to go to to experience a small slice of your awesomeness.

  • mr. kite

    these photos benefit us all! Cheers!

  • Alison

    I just watched that video 3 times in a row

  • Skillllllllllls

    anyone that jumps off a roof into a pool is ok in my book

  • goose

    guns, sex, near death experiences… just another tuesday night for you, huh

  • Hugh

    these are really brilliant

  • hot mess


  • michelle

    love that show!

  • Claudia

    BEAUTIFUL as usual….what’s the song’s name?

  • greta s.

    so bloody good !

  • Laurie

    The video gave me chills. Especially the part with them on opposite sides of the window. Scott jumping off the roof was too cool. Amazing work. Kudos to you, Tyler.
    Love The Event, it really is a great show.

  • Elaine

    Just amazing pictures, Scott and Taylor look so incredible. The Event is the best!! Beautiful shots Tyler!

  • Christine

    The real ones are fighting while the shadows are kissing? That’s a fascinating image.

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  • Sharon

    The pictures are superb — very emotional. Tyler, your work is simply amazing!

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  • Lexy

    Song is Sia – My love … Beautiful song… And the photos as allways amazeing!

  • Kikibug13

    ZOMG you got Taylor Cole! Sooo beautiful! >.> Ahem. *middle of fangirling*

    HI! Dynamic shoot!

  • Rebekah

    I don’t watch the Event, I think it’s on at the same time as something else, and I am sans DVR. I forgot that Scott was in it though, and as a die hard Gilmore Girls fan, I feel I should tune in now! Speaking of Scott, thank you for putting him in those position, I’ve never seen him like that before, and it was screamingly moving. I mean, I knew the man had range, just not that kind of raw Oh-my-god-he’s-ripping-my-heart-out-and-showing-it-to-me range. Made me tear up a little bit.

    Um, don’t know if this is the right forum for this, but thank you for your encouragement a few months ago to keep working on my own photos. A couple of weeks ago I got notice that my work will be part of a public art installation. So, yes thanks… probably wouldn’t have applied if it weren’t for you.

  • tyler

    @Rebekah are you a fan of his?

  • tyler

    @Kikibug13 such a sweet girl

  • Rebekah

    @tyler yes I am a fan of Scott’s, he’s Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls… it’s requisite to like that character, I even liked that situation comedy he did a year or so ago.

  • Kikibug13

    @tyler Awesome! It’s a good thing when you can enjoy the company, too. :)

  • steffi

    the pictures are awesome. good job.
    you should make a photoshoot with Taylor Momsen. i´m sure that would be amazing!

  • Lisa

    Powerful and moving work, Tyler. Bravo! Loved the lighting, shadows, music, the undisguised emotion. I especially loved Scott Patterson (his eyes–so haunting–so beautiful). Thank you for highlighting him. I am sure he was more than game to jump off the roof. :) I love The Event though I wish it had more of Scott.

  • Lisa

    Oops. I was so enamored of Scott that I forgot to mention that I think Taylor Cole has been one of the standouts so far on The Event.

  • Møyfrid

    I don’t believe that you can loose true love in a second. Even if one die, love lives! Love is louder than death! You make great art – so keep on searching for true love!

  • monica

    tyler, this is haunting and beautiful. the work… she is more than improving. understatement. can honestly remember the earlier videos and everything… the new material has been shattering the old. wonderful evolution. and amazing talent. much credit goes to the artist and the many people behind the artist. especially the unseen talent. love the video. brilliant.

  • Paul

    amazing you can really feel the yearning threw the video

  • Cynthia


  • Jackie Sara

    Hey you and Team TS! :-) LOVE THEM ALL. Stopped me on my tracks! AWESOME. You nail it for me. Happy Thoughts.

  • Elaine

    If you are a fan of Scott Patterson, check out his Facebook fan page!!