• Christine

    Good morning! I can’t see any video. Also there is no brand on the 4th pic. Are you OK? You are not trying to make it 50 days without sleep:)? Maybe I’m just blind.

    The ninth one is very cute, you should use it as a christmas card.

  • Lucy

    i see a brand its just very faint.

  • Hugh

    where’s the video?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ajmcleanslounge Kat

    great video and great picture…even i dont really like the pix with the jack daniels lol….
    you did a great job..:)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/rdg1983/?saved=1 Rebekah

    Hmmm, Yes I did enjoy the video. I like the visuals from inside the helmet, it’s not a POV you see very often.

    On a joking note, ha I always news the backstreet boys had murder on their mind! Well, one of them had to crack eventually, right? Kidding of course.

    Yes I would like to see more.

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  • JayTravis

    “and unknown naked woman, Lauren Hanawalt.”

    Well, I reckon she’s known NOW- naked or otherwise.

  • monica

    the grey shot is blowing my mind right now. it’s like “wow”… and the video. maybe my dark sense of humor. but i got a laugh. intriguing play with the helmet.

  • Elizabeth

    kill love before it kills you! You worked very hard on that on wednesday! What happened to love is kind? Or is it just kill the love of the two people that loved you the most since you popped out into this world, like your mom and dad. Yes they know you didn’t come from nothing far from it. And your first camera was a Fisher Price, Christmas 1983 was bought by your parents. Take this off fast so no knows that you kill love fast, like when your girlfriends make you too in love with them.

  • Pete

    I think Elizabeth needs a hug.

  • michelle

    this is freakin hilarious!

  • kelly

    LOVE THIS!!! :)

  • amy

    how did you do the helmet point of view shots? Very cool!

  • David

    I’ll never look at Halo the same way. Not sure how I feel about that.

  • TomSD

    I guess anyone can call themselves an artist these days huh?

  • Gina

    Ha! I love the video! Incredible. Tyler is amazing.

  • rita

    i showed this to my son he still hasnt stopped laughing

  • Heather

    How could you not love this video? I mean, really, what the hell is going on in this world that brought these people together? I love it! cant wait to see more.

  • OJ

    That mothafucka is CRAZY

  • Alison

    This is the weirdest shit I have ever seen.

  • Becca

    Destroy love before it destroys you i love that, ummm this video is hilarious and amazing…

  • Sarah

    I’m not sure whats going on here, but I like it!

  • Valerie

    Tyler should throw dinner parties…

  • Dee

    I’m just not sure what to think anymore, this is blowin my mind I love it and I would love to see more, the third photo is my fav and the helmet pov rocks

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  • niRty

    I would much rather real audio or some other audio work on it, but it’s your call, Tyler. The POV camera was really cool. Great performances, everyone, keep it up.

    And I want a Halo suit too… pweeze! <3

  • Anna

    Love is crazy, it makes people do crazy things, even killers and backstreet boys.

  • Melodye Joy

    Love kills when hearts bleed
    Desire dies among the eyes for which we see
    Pain is beauty and the beholder meek
    This series is interesting. I like the idea of the robot…as we seem to be nothing but robots when it comes to love. We seek TRUE love and find only temporary desire due the fact we follow a fad rather than our hearts. We must first kill the imagined or worlds view of love if we are to free ourselves fully. We drink to hide our true desires even just to gain temporary momentum and physical satisfaction from others. It doesn’t always involved intimacy, it can even include work or life…Fantastic work, as always, Tyler!

  • Barb

    Ok yes I liked it but i sorta dont get the point of it. Why is Aj is a space suit half the time? I dont like the pics of Aj with the Alcohal bottels in his hands :( Can some one explain this whole thing to me ?

  • http://OfMoshAndMen.blogspot.com LaurenIsSoMosh

    Dang it, Kotaku, that’s the last blind date I’ll trust you with. Insulted by mimes, chased by bears, and killed by some green dude wearing a trash bag under LEGO armor. =|

  • Jackiedrone

    I want AJ’s powersuit! With that suit I’m invincible enough 2 kill all love with a Gatorade waterbottle and spare my merciful hand to those who likes larger than life size butterflies ! Ah Love is Free when its powered up!

  • Bob

    I think I speak for everyone when I say…WHAT THE **** IS THIS? :P

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  • Sil

    so brilliant!

  • Chelsey

    I love the video. Absolutely awesome! Inspiring.