The Edge is near

Love is the unicorn of civilization you cant prove its real you just hope it is

zelda williams colton haynes

haley bennett sexy

matt dallas

A little romance never hurt anyone until it ended…

When was the last time you were in love?


    These images are incredibly powerful. They’re like memories and visions of the future all wrapped up together. Time for some more Collisions! x


    Oh, and the last time I was in love, he turned out to be a unicorn!

  • nastia

    I’ve never been in love… Sounds unbelievable, but maybe I’m just too young to speak about love, I don’t know for myself (I’m 19). But I do not consider love to be something that can be experienced only between a man and a woman, I think that love is all around us, and I see it, moreover, it’s the one and the only thing that makes hope for something better. I see it everywhere, and when I open my heart and let it enter my inner personality I become happier. But it happens so rarely that it’s even difficult to remember the last time it happened to me. Love is a wonderful thing, and I hope with all my heart that someday it will come to me (so ironic), but I really hope so, at least for now I have enough energy and ambition to think this way, my age lets me do that.
    What’s for romance, so I can agree with you in all degree of the words given by you. It’s something about having so much words to share, the book wouldn’t be enough, but realize that sometimes really great and amazing things come as something small, and we have to lose it to realize the real degree of its influence. And that’s the exact moment when it hurts, so much, that you can’t control anything that comes in between.
    I’m very sorry for being so talkative, but it’s the way your artwork makes me feel and react. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find the necessary words to express myself, but I’m trying so hard so that you can understand how important it is for me that there’s someone like you in the world, who makes me feel in a different way, more experienced, happier, ready for life and its experience. You make me believe in unbelievable things by creating your own world of masterpiece, so just keep doing this way, and I will stay connected to the wave of you thought, something like that=)

  • Level Orange

    Nastia, you are awesome. Tyler, collisions blow my mind in the best possible way. Thank you for that.

  • Katy

    whoa, these photos are amazing!

  • Kevin

    Oh Damn! He’s droppin the collisions! I’ve been chasing love all around the country and I think the edge is getting near for me.

  • Tina

    The collisions are my favorite part of Tyler’s body of work. These photos are absolutely beautiful.

  • Holly

    Incredible. I gave up on trying to prove love is real you either get or you don’t. ;

  • Gina

    What’s love got to do with it…
    Holy hell I want these on my wall.

  • Adam

    I have looked at these photos for hours and I am breathless and speechless.

  • Becca

    I’ve never seen anything like the collisions they are my favorite and love is something that cannot be looked for cannot be contrived it is only when we surrender does love find us love isn’t running away from us it’s running toward us

  • Natalie

    How do I take a picture like this

  • Kelly

    How do get in a picture like this?

  • Dee

    Some people think romance is dead
    Those people obviously haven’t seen these photos ;)

  • crystal heart

    I am currently in love :)

  • Neon Monkey

    Collisions are the visions of the gods

  • jef

    i am in love right now and i couldn’t be more miserable.

  • Barry Goldman

    I eat unicorns for breakfast

  • real love

    love is real, real is love.

  • donny

    That middle collision is out of control