• Penny

    Every second something amazing happens to someone somewhere. x

  • Clyde the Glyde

    Damn thats some cold blooded shit to lay down on me man

  • real love

    life is one long tragedy that ends the same for all of us.

  • jef


  • Neon Monkey

    I like the grainieness of the black and white shot, good stuff.

  • Alex

    Every second something amazing happens to someone somewhere also. Let’s try and stay positive people.

  • Barry Goldman

    Michael Gladis sleeps with the fishes

  • Ursela

    You seem to like a lot of different kinds of music, I’m the same way. Haven’t listened to Iggy in a while, thanks for the inspiration :)

  • gold splatter!

    black and white shot is soooooooooo sick

  • Kelly

    Search and Destroyyyyyyyy!

  • hully gully

    his face in that color shot is ridiculous!

  • Miss Cleo

    Ok I’m starting a poll: How many people think Michael Gladis and Vince Vaugnn were mechanically separated at birth? You know Michael got all the serious acting ability, and Vince was left with the bitter sense of humor that we have all come to know and love. Just sayin. I also Like to do drugs.

  • Adam

    My life is one big tragic comedy…and I love it.
    The black and white has such an interesting quality and I like the color too!

  • Rachel

    The best version of a person…

  • durty burd

    I try and keep it real in my head man. People are what they are. The sooner you realize that the better

  • Tina

    Every second someone is getting kissed while those tragic things are happening, Its hard to remember when you were getting kissed at the time of tragedy, one must learn to be present im one’s life for both the good and the bad.

  • Stephanie

    awesome shots. My life has been rather tragic lately, well by my standards at least. Just gotta keep that P.M.A. and turn it all around! Hope you’re having a great 2011!

  • donny

    destroy tragedy.

  • Natalie

    well now I cant stop thinking about all the tragic things that are happening at any given moment, is this how people become agoraphobic

  • Kelsi:)

    every second that passes is another chance to turn it all around :)

  • Becca

    I just take it as it comes and thank the powers that be that Im still alive!

  • Alora

    Love that second shot<3