• erycka

    love this! and i really really like the song! who sings it? (: you need to add all of sara’s stuff though

  • donny

    i used to believe in magic. now i believe in nothing. i live in darkness. thank you for this video.

  • Stephanie


  • Erica

    never say never!

  • gold splatter!

    nothing is real

  • crystal heart

    great song! :)

  • Alex

    I like your style, Tyler. Great choice of music for the piece, very pleasing indeed.

  • jef

    that whole album is incredible, in my opinion their best.

  • hully gully

    Brilliant video here mate, can’t wait to see what you got comin out in 2011!

  • Neon Monkey

    Sometimes i like to play the 2009 and 2010 videos back to back at full blast. It’s pretty awesome.

  • giligan

    my new nickname is “the magicman” now you see me… now you dont!

  • Clyde the Glyde
  • durty burd

    this video is pure sex i love it

  • Winston

    Never been one for magic, though I have often been a taken back by its splendor

  • real love

    whatever gets you through the night

  • Becca

    I love this video

  • Adam

    No matter how many times I see this video I still get hypnotized by it.
    I’ve always liked magic, not like performance magic although I like that too but real life magic. the synchronicity of life is sometimes more that coincidence to me…

  • Katy

    Yo this video is fuckin amazing, I am a fan straight up

  • Rachel

    (sigh) why cant everything be this awesome…

  • Natalie

    I want to be in the 2011 Tyler Shields video and nothing is going to stop me because tyler is going to love me when he meets me and I believe in Magic!

  • Farah

    I’m in, sign me up, I want whatever this video is selling cause its incredible, I think it took quite a bit of magic to make this video as it happens…
    Love it.

  • Penny

    What you said is my life. I cant tell dreams from reality anymore and I wouldn’t have it any other way. x

  • monica

    never stop living the dream. powerful. what an amazing dream keep living it…

  • Barbara Wallace

    Wowie Tyler.

  • JayTravis


    Song of the Day: “Dragula” by The Trashwomen.

  • jennifer

    poor man’s terry richardson… and terry richardson isn’t even that good to start with.