• Kelci

    hahahah I WOULD TOTALLY BUY TEDDY! then give the half price one to my boyfriend for valentines.

  • Stephanie

    umm, so this is amazing!

  • Kirsten

    LOL this just made my day :)

  • hully gully

    There’s something very, very wrong about this picture.. and I love it.

  • Polly

    Would you consider offering the same deal on any of your prints?

  • Miss Cleo

    you have questions, i have d answers

  • gold splatter!

    this is the new tickle me elmo.

  • Erica

    soooooooooo good!

  • Kelly

    Teddy needs to come to my house to party!

  • Natalie

    Yes Teddy, Yes.

  • Valerie

    Can I have two Im hungry for teddy

  • Holly

    I have a boyfriend who looks just like that when he visits me…

  • Becca

    So this is what stuffed animals look like in Tyler Shields’s house

  • Kevin

    When I was little I used to think my stuffed animals would come to life at night and do things….but I never thought they were doing anything like this, I guess Tyler’s stuffed animals are a different breed

  • Isabel

    Ill take two

  • Ethan


  • Farah

    I love this little Teddy, Iove anyone who’s ready to party like that

  • Jasmine Rose

    I sense there is a lot of fun happening In the world of Tyler, when the teddy bears are partying like this who could imagine what the people are doing

  • Rachel

    Momma wants Teddy

  • Heather

    Give me this Teddy you speak of

  • Gina

    Teddy must be my new party buddy!

  • JayTravis

    Time to go wake up the gimp!