• Kevin

    Amazing I wish more birthdays were like this!

  • Jasmine Rose

    I love this! I have yet to be covered in cake but the night is young…

  • Holly

    Emma! I love that girl!

  • Gina

    I want my birthday to look something like this!

  • Kelly

    Tyler can cover me in cake anytime this like so much fun and thats what you should be doing on your birthday is having fun no matter what

  • Becca

    I love destruction and bday cakes sur shizzle!

  • alysha

    hahaha! this is EXACTLY how birthdays are celebrated there <3

  • tyler

    @alysha hahah yes it is!

  • spencer

    Love Emma! Happy birthday :) xx

  • Saranda

    Looks like fun! Haha. Love the second pic! :)

  • sly

    I wish my birthday was like this!

  • http://www.jodieplatz.wordpress.com Jodie

    Looks like a good time! Happy birthday, Emma! I love the second photo of the 2 and the 0 on her cheeks.

  • Blake

    Unfabulous looks good when you hit 20

  • the american dream

    this is AMAZING. LOVE HER!!!

  • majestic views

    fucking adorable

  • Stephanie


  • Kirsten

    now i want cake

  • hully gully

    the pic of both of you is priceless

  • Erica


  • gold splatter!

    so dope

  • durty burd

    beautiful lady

  • Dexoine


  • mandy

    Happy Birthday Emma! <3   it the girl you met on the courner of the street a few days ago:) 

    love love love 

  • Scream

    cool second picture  is best :DDD