• Kevin

    Oooh I like this recap. Hard to choose a favorite but I really like the store shot with the girls reading news papers and just chillen. love the girls in this shot the look so naturalistic!

  • Holly

    Love the Lohan! she looks great here. I’ve always loved the inner life behind her eyes, she knows hhow to sell it! My favorite!

  • majestic views

    that last pic is incredible

  • Kelsi:)

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Stephanie

    love them all!!!

  • Vicky

    It’s hard to choose, but I love the 6th and the last one. You’re a genius. :)

  • Winston

    Pretty hard to just pick one , but if I had to I guess I’d go with the girls at the newsstand.

  • Miss Cleo

    Love that pic of Emma Roberts, now I want some cake!

  • hully gully

    i know what you mean. i got a friend who’s full of the best ideas ever, but never does anything with them. at a certain point it just becomes annoying

  • Alex

    That Lohan shot is amazing

  • durty burd

    That shot of you shirtless flying in the snow is pretty fucking awesome

  • gold splatter!

    The black and white photo with Alysha Nett looks insane. I love the perspective and all the lines involved. Doesn’t hurt having an incredibly beautiful woman in there as well.

  • real love

    my favorite is all of them :)

  • lauren

    i think i am just going to have to start reading the newspaper in my underwear

  • the american dream

    I think everyone should read the newspaper in their underwear!

  • donny

    who’s the girl inbetween the dumpsters? cause that’s my fave

  • Neon Monkey

    that begs the question, is anything worth anything if not used? what gives something worth? you make me think Tyler, I like it.

  • crystal heart

    your black and white work is my favorite, period.

  • Jen!

    2 words : Alex Pettyfer

  • i like big booty bitches

    the last time i thought i had a good idea i ended up on the side of the road in handcuffs. turns out it was a bad idea. i digress.

  • Blake

    Tyler you should open up a gallery in LDN, I’d literally live there. You inspire me everyday.