Devon Sawa

I went to great lengths to find Devon Sawa and I am happy to announce to you that he has returned and is ready! Watch the video to find out how I found him and what it took to get him back! Make sure you check him out on
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Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa knife

Devon Sawa killer

Devon Sawa rain

Devon Sawa machine gun

Devon Sawa tyler shields

Everyone loves Devon Sawa even if you say you don’t love Devon Sawa you love Devon Sawa! Sometimes you have to go away to make a comeback!

Are you happy to see him come back?

  • diana

    ummmm thank you! it really is awesome to see his face again

  • Angel

    Great photos, halarious video, everyone loves Devon Sawa LOL

  • Kelsi:)

    LOVE THIS!!!!

  • i like big booty bitches

    yo little giants was the shit, good to see this dude still doin it big. that video is fuckin hilarious!

  • Jessie

    I was very happy to see him pop up on Nikita. I’d always thought he was a great actor with great timing. It’s good to have him back.

    That video was hilarious, with a bit of truth. Everyone DOES love Devon, even if they don’t know it.

    And the pictures are gorgeous, as always. Great work.

  • graykeller

    Mercy. We like

  • Erica

    Well he always was a little more badass than J.T.T., not surprised he to turned to killing for hire. Glad you brought him back though, the world is better (and probably a little bit safer) for it :)

  • lauren

    holy hotness batman!

  • wendy

    I always wondered what happened to him, I used to be OBSESSED with Devon Sawa when I was younger. Nice work!

  • Kirsten


  • Jen!

    Who wouldn’t be happy to see him come back? It’s Devon Sawa for christ’s sake!

  • Maria

    I love him ever since Little Giants. He needs to do more movies.

  • wendy

    wow he looks great. i love that shot of him walking downhill with the machine gun, something crazy about it. are you two going to be working more in the future?

  • Stephanie


  • durty burd

    that video should be on funny or die

  • real love

    wow, my first crush! love it ;)

  • Alex

    whoa! my first date was to go see idle hands, man that takes me back.

  • Winston

    They should send Devon Sawa to Japan he can fix anything!

  • hully gully

    so fucking good

  • Polly

    OMG LOVE HIM!!!!

  • the american dream

    not bad for a canadian

  • jen

    how can you not love devon fuckin sawa?

  • Jess’

    First of all: THANK YOU, Tyler for this AMAZING article that you’re sharing with us!

    “Sometimes you have to go away to make a comeback!” ……… #TRUEFACT!!! (I speak from personal experience. & I can totally relate to this sentence right now… that I find very ENCOURAGING & INSPIRING.)

    Message to you, Dev’ : You’re Devon F***ING Sawa!!!!!!

    Words can’t even describe how AMAZING you are (And I sincerely hope you know that YOU ARE!!!!)

    Don’t EVER change for anyone!!!!! ‘Cause you’re amazing JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!!
    That’s kinda all I gotta say..
    I want you to know HOW PROUD of you I am, and of ALL the things you’ve ever accomplished in life.

    My heart goes out to you and everything you do.
    You can count on us, your fans. True fans will stand by your side, no matter what.

    God bless you, your family & your friends.

    I loved you then, I love you NOW, & I’ll love you ALWAYS!!!!

    (Thank you! :) )

  • Rebekah

    Hmm, not sure he ever went anywhere! Unless he died, did he die..? Great photos Tyler, I’ll go give my appreciate to Devon via the Twitter like I have for awhile now. No, wait, must get in my way back machine! I totally remember when Devon was in all the teeny bopper magazines, and I fell in major like. You need to do a photoshoot with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Rider Strong, just to make a trifecta of mid late 90s teen heart throbs all growed up! Shutting up now.

  • monica

    Hahaha. The best. Love Devon Sawa!

  • Pam Diddy

    tyler, you’re starting to work down the list of people I really want you to shoot. I approve. lol. Job well done friend!

  • June

    LOVE DEVON SAWA!! Tyler, you’re the best photographer!! Hands down!

  • Emily

    the last photo is my favorite!!! you guys look like such bad-asses!!!

  • Barb

    I love u Tyler ur the fucking greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish I lived in LA so i could have photo’s done by u

  • Phillip

    lol That’s awesome! I seriously haven’t seen that dude in like almost 10 years! I will most definitely be followin him on twitter! Thanks for bringin him back!

  • Elsa

    Love it <3

  • Dj Juan C

    I’ve always love your artwork, it’s cool to see how so much talent that u have.. here’s my links: and: spread the word, Peace and love

  • Penny

    Lol, that was embarrassing to watch. Like when Tarantino insists on having his awkward roles in his films. I have never even heard of Devon Sawa, lol.
    The third photograph is great.

  • Jen

    I follow Devon on Twitter. He is the FUNNIEST person on it! It’s great to see him make his inevitable comeback… and look so damn hot doing it! He is one of the great talents in this world and I don’t understand why he is not in every movie ever made! These pictures are absolutely beautiful and that video literally made me spit water out my mouth and on to my laptop (I think you owe me a replacement)! GREAT JOB BOYS! :)

  • Jasmine

    he is so fine I like Devon sawa allot he surprised me in idle hands
    not even gonna lie I sware I was like no way it’s him he plays that guy
    haha I so like Devon Sawa for Reals and so cute to know him in night of the
    twisters he was so cuuute :) :) he is cute he’s awesome always Devon

  • devonsawafans

    what a amazing shooting!! thanks a lot for this pictures :)

    we fans on twitter:

  • Julie

    Tyler Shields, I love you, both for giving us Devon Sawa awesomeness and for being you.

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  • mara&jess

    we support devon :) this shooting is amazing! thanks a lot!

    follow devon on twitter: @DevonESawa

    and us @DevonSawaFans

    ——>”Everyone loves Devon Sawa even if you say you don’t love Devon Sawa you love Devon Sawa!”<——-

  • rolinik

    He looks great now…like a real man…i like him so much now…

  • Penthe

    So hot. Mmm. . . .

  • Penthe

    Still so hot, maybe even hotter. Mmm. . . .

  • Stephanie Unson

    I watched Casper five times just to see his scene at the end. That was another lifetime ago. He’s even sexier now with a knife.

  • Matt

    I never really liked him all that much but FUCK that man is WOW

  • andrea

    I love you devon sawa