• red


  • dee

    Holy shit, intimacy at it’s best : )

  • jesse

    amazing!!!and yes…we want to see more ;-)

  • Kristin

    Yes!! We want more Dianna!

  • Kevin

    so much more, please.

  • renata

    in the first photo, she really has the posture that princess diana had. kind of a new princess dianNa. :)

  • http://lebanesefornaya.tumblr.com Amber

    why is this woman so perfect? absolutely beautiful!

  • Erin

    Stunning! I swear she could shave her head and she’d still look better than everyone else.


  • Naomi

    Yes! More of this beautiful angel please.

  • Jennifer

    yes, please more Dianna! that picture is amazing!

  • Rita

    Dianna is stunning! Loving the new haircut, she looks sexier even ;) well done. The last picture intrugues me, it’s original

  • tyler

    thank you rita what do you like about it?

  • Simon

    Dianna definitely falls on that short list of gorgeous women like Audrey, Jackie O, Diana who can own that short hair. Absolutely stunning. Love the pose you caught it in Tyler.

  • Naomi

    How long we have to wait for new pics of Dianna? =)
    I adore every single pic by you tyler, you are the best! And I’m not just saying that…

  • tyler

    thank you naomi! should be very soon you will see some magic with her and i again

  • Reuiqred

    why you lie? “last night”. the EXIF data on those pictures is dated 2011-05-07, that’s 4 days before you posted this.

  • Maria

    These pictures are really amazing! Dianna is beautiful and you are gifted and unique as usual! Is there any chance you could make some photos with Dianna AND Lea Michele together? it would be every fan dream, and the result would be epic! =)

  • tyler

    it says late night!

  • Rita

    I like everything, really! It has an unique feel about it, I’m honest when I say I’ve never seen a picture quite like that. The contrast between the soft fair hair -in colors- and the dagger is beautiful! What did you have in mind when you take that shoot?

  • http://agronic.tumblr.com Paula


  • Dan

    i have just gotten into your work and have to says a am consistently blown away you are so talented!! its incredible that you are able to make literally anything look beautiful whether its a fan or a “bloody” pillow. i love that you are an artist of the “people” so to speak in that you put your work online for everyone to see. DIanna is my favorite actress and my role model, so thank you for working with her please please please continue doing so (also love the nina dobrev photos she is also a favorite of mine) Dianna is so creative all around and seems super sweet and real ( plus she has AWESOME taste in music) I know i am rambling but I really really love your works so i felt it was essential :)

  • Michelle

    BEAUTIFUL! Any more pictures to share? :)

  • L

    Brilliant photograph, adorable video. I for one would love to see you shoot her again, and again.

  • Dana

    Please post more pictures of Dianna! I love her new haircut and I want to get my hair cut like this so I need something to show my hairdresser. You take simply breathtaking photos.

  • Karen

    OMG!! i love her so much, and she looks stunning!!! she’s so perfect inside and out.
    and YES we want more of Dianna please!! we cant get enough of her.!!
    You and her make an explosive combination!!?

  • Chelsea

    Absolutely stunning!! & yes I want more with this beautiful lady! maybe you could do some with miss Dianna & Mark Salling together. that would be amazing. great job Tyler. amazing & beautiful as always!

  • JB

    This haircut makes her looks older. She can make what she wants she will always be beautifull even dressed with a garbage bag. (That’s a french expression sorry but you should try lol). Love your work can’t wait to see more of Dianna.

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  • http://kickerofallass.tumblr.com Mikhal

    I’m a huge Dianna Agron fan. I’ve been following your work for the past year, and completely in love with it. The collaboration is beyond amazing. I’m itching to see so much more! Oh and her new haircut is just plain awesome.

  • tinapots

    Your blog entry reminds me of Princess Garnet/Dagger in Final Fantasy IX and the time she cut her hair using the dagger. Sir, great photos and concepts! =)

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  • DietCokeAndPopcorn

    Just stunning. Everything. You and Dianna = PERFECTION!

  • Anja

    So an amazing photographer + a gorgeous talented actress= perfection and ultimate beauty
    Love the new haircut of dianna agron and as you can see I join the people who want to see more from you Tyler as an artist and dianna as a beautiful woman to be photographed

    Please show us more.
    Congrats to both and by the way Tyler I would have loved to come to your opening last week but ubfortu lately I just can observe your talent from Spain through Internet.

    Keep rocking you both

  • Natalia

    Oh my, just when you think she could not look more beautiful. She’s owning that short hair, looks so sexy. The second picture has this medieval vibe, I love it. Great job! Can we please have Dianna pictures every month? :D Love her.

  • http://www.youtube.com/alesss321 ana

    thank u very much .. we love dianna agron
    and thanks for the photos and videos
    just upload more pics and videos pleasee :)

  • Cindy

    Am-haz-ing! A few days ago I first saw your work with Dianna shooting pics. Now this one appears. Touche! What an amazing shot to show off Dianna’s new hairdo to the world! So sexy and fierce! Hope to see more of your work with Dianna!

  • baby

    Yes Tyler!!Please more,much much more Dianna!!
    Brazil loves you both!Come here make a photoshoot with the Glee cast please!!!

  • love lyndsy..dianna

    dianna you are beautiful … pleass tyler can you take some photos with Dianna agron and lyndsy fonseca together? omg…omg!!! dianna agron + lyndsy fonseca =beautiful angels ever…..love thim

  • anonymous

    this is a beautiful photo. Dianna is beautiful. What’s your secret, Mr. Tyler Shields? :)

  • http://hidden_butterfly@hotmail.co.uk Lisa

    i love this photograph of dianna she looks great with shorter hair. there’s a sexy playfulness about this shot and i love the black and white it gives it that old fashion feel.

    i love the contrast of the bright blonde hair and the gleam off the dagger behind the hair. The picture has a real story like feel about it.

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