Dianna Agron

Magical beautiful smart and talented and she likes glitter fights what more do you need to know? True love is like glitter once it hits you there is no getting rid of it…
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dianna agron

dianna agron sexy

dianna agron wig

dianna agron wig glitter

dianna agron wig glitter

She is a trooper to say the least we did this after she worked an entire on set! I may have swallowed some glitter during this shoot the pain of knowing that glitter is inside me for life is all worth it when I look at these photos!

Ever been in a glitter fight?

  • jenn

    holy shit, she is absolutely breathtaking and this entire shoot is perfection.

  • amanda

    OMG AMAZING!!!!!!

  • melora

    incredible. absolutley stunning. 2 awesome talents in one!

  • lauren

    Wow I’ve never seen her like this before I love it! She looks great no matter what. That video is incredible who does the song?

  • http://taylorkayphotos.blogspot.com/ Taylor

    This shoot is stunning. Glitter fights are the best!

  • Rita

    Whao, blown away! She’s flawless…never liked glitter as I do now. I love the wig too

  • argonaut

    How can these photographs be both demure and terribly sexy at the same time?

  • People Love Me

    she is gorgeous!

  • Lacey

    Wow! I’m blown away by the second photograph in particular. There’s just something about Dianna’s sensuality and sexuality that you’ve captured and it feels almost like we are intruding on a private moment much like those that she refuses to discuss in the public.

  • LizzieFreshhh

    Diana is perfection. You two are a spectacular pair.

  • dead rabbits

    that black and white shot is the shit!

  • Jacko

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! That’s all I can say right now after my heart attack, fainting, high blood pressure, GAHHHHHHHH DIANNA IS PERFECTION >..<

  • amy

    LOVE this :)

  • Jacko

    Thank you Tyler, for making our little hearts skip a beat (: This is absolutely amazing

  • stephanie

    tyler + dianna = AMAZINGNESS!!!

  • whyhellothere

    glitter: amazing to look at, terrible to work with. kudos to the cleanup crew. amazing visuals as always Tyler, it’s a pleasure to watch you grow as an artist.

  • cool beans


  • navy black

    sooooooo good!

  • SAM

    that video is currently on repeat in my office ;)

  • The Crystal Tiger

    the crystal tiger has decided that these images are some of the greatest that he has seen. And the crystal tiger has been to the far edges of the universe. Born 400 billion years ago in a galaxy not too different from our own, the crystal tiger began his journey of knowledge. It is only now that he has found true enlightenment in the form of.. glitter. Yes glitter, the magical substance only known to those who have the power to see the truth, which is that we are all one ray of light shining from the center of existence.


    you are my fucking hero

  • Julia Rules

    these are so cool! Glee is my favorite show ever, it’s so nice to see her in a different light. Keep up the awesome work

  • goose

    i wish someone would hit me with some glitter, i could use a little lovin

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  • camila


    I love both….

    great work!!!

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  • http://pandorasblood.tumblr.com/ Jully Lancaster

    Dianna Agron, shis is really perfect!!! so beautiful. Congratulations Tylers Shields.

  • monica

    You definitely bring out a different side in her. She’s stunning in these images. In this instance the Glitter may be good for you.

  • Pau

    She’s the best!
    I think she’s the most wonderful person and the sweteest :D

  • http://funfuuu.com FunFUUU

    That’s nice.

    http://funfuuu.com – Fun-sharing community, a place when you are bored.

  • Karina

    Wow, She looks even more beautiful, just fantastic. But I gotta say, she´s not getting rid of that much glitter any time soon.

  • CrazyLilPartyGirl

    Im sorry, I dont like it. I havent liked anything you and Agron have done. I think this would have been great with Torressani.

  • amy

    dianna you are the most wonderful women ever….pleass Tyler more dianna and lyndsy fonseca pleass…thanks….love you

  • Sophie

    These pictures are just stunning and I love the effects created by the glitter!

    What is the song in the background? It is wonderful.

  • Brianda

    <3 Dianna Agron is the most …beautiful woman on this earth is she not? IS SHE UR MUSE YET OR WAT?!!! <3 soo awesome

  • elena

    I love tyler shields as well as dianna!!! love it love it love it!

  • Lauren


  • Justin

    She is simply scrumtrulescent.

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  • mariana

    she’s the most beautiful woman i’ve seen

  • http://twitter.com/TamaraNau Tamara Soto Nauduam

    So beautiful especially the last photo, just amazing

  • mandy

    So PERFECT Dianna !

  • http://twitter.com/ToUPiNeTTee Toupi

    I love her !

  • charlotte_graci

    These images are amazing! I’d love to know what camera settings you used for this shoot and any planning you did for the shoot. I’m studying photography at A-Level and it would be a huge help, and would look great in the research unit of my project!! :)