Jaime King

Congrats to Jaime King on her new show Hart of Dixie which stars her and Rachel Bilson! Jaime and I had to much fun shooting so much fun in fact that we will be doing it again soon… Also it turns out the police dont care if you walk down the street with a giant sword as long as you look like her!

Jaime King

Jaime King sword

Jaime King epic

Jaime King

This is just a small preview of whats to come!

Want to see more of jaime?

  • Kelly

    I would love to see more of Jaime!

  • Heather

    I knew that the rules for carrying a sword had something to do with how hot you were…

  • Gina

    These are beautiful! just a preview…

  • Tina


  • Becca

    It looks as though she is ready to battle some mythical creature…
    I love these shots!

  • Rachel

    Well the second one is my favorite, but I like them all.

  • Kevin

    Can I be the mythical creature that she is battling?

  • Natasha

    I feel like you wouldn’t want to battle someone that hot who has a sword like that, I mean how could you concentrate?

  • Kevin

    Good point.

  • Natasha

    With the sword or my comment?

  • Sarah

    I love this small preview
    I want to see more!

  • Valerie

    wow…Jaime King is amazing…

  • Lily

    Cant wait to see more

  • Katy

    Oh my legs for days…

  • Ethan

    Legs for years….

  • Anna

    This woman is beautiful. I love it!

  • Adam

    incredible shots

  • Isabel

    I like the second and the last photo a lot. Can I just always wake up and see awesome shots of this amazing women?

  • Holly

    love love love :)

  • Kristin

    Soooooo sexy!

  • http://www.chloemoretzfr.com/ Philip

    She is incredibly gorgeous ! :)

  • goose

    i said gatdamn!

  • http://mollyjosephson.com/ Molly

    Look at those beautiful, transfixing eyes! Amazing work !

  • http://funfuuu.com FunFUUU

    Thank for sharing.

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