• Robyn

    The third picture down gave me goosebumps. Connor is so awesome.

    The Talking Heads – Psycho Killer

  • http://mollyjosephson.com/ Molly

    “Love is chaotic it doesn’t make any sense and if its not done right it can kill you…”
    ahh I love that ^

    And Connor in photo 3 reminds me of Harry Houdini, s&m style

    Breakbot-Baby I’m yours :)

  • http://twitter.com/Yeremenko12 nastia

    The Temper Trap – Fader – song of the day
    what;s yours?
    the second picture takes my breath away and says that you never know how far this damn right feeling will take you. and I can feel this magic floating through the photos you take. with every shoot it’s getting better and better. keep doing what you do, because you never leave me disappointed.

  • navy black

    dr. dog “say something”
    alysha nett is beautiful.


    come and knock on our door… we’ve been waiting for you…

  • amy

    love these shots!

  • amy

    love these shots!

  • Ambra

    Wonderful shots! My fav is also the third one down. Btw, would LOVE to see you work with Lady Gaga!

    Song of the day–”Ghosts” Chris Dallman

  • cool beans

    i’ve been jammin out to hall and oates all day, great pics

  • donny

    i demand a video portrait!

  • lauren

    I love Alysha’s hair! Wish my job wasn’t so lame

  • People Love Me

    Looks like a fun night
    Radiohead – High and Dry

  • dead rabbits

    love sucks. awesome shots, the girl with the tats is fucking perfect

  • The Crystal Tiger


  • amanda

    connor is a beast!

  • SAM

    the rope shot is freakin awesome

  • goose

    lovin what i’m seein. song of te day as always is great balls of fire baby!

  • Julia Rules

    you are my new hero Tyler Shields :)

  • stephanie


  • macho man andy cabbage

    more alysha please. more all of this actually. thank you


    sooooooooo goood

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  • JTravis

    Song of the day? “Dragula” by The Trashwomen.

  • http://twitter.com/LexxGerona Alex G.

    I SO LOVE THIS! And all of your photos of course ;)