• amanda

    great shots! can’t wait to see the movie!

  • People Love Me

    that video is freaking awesome!!!

  • macho man andy cabbage

    that movie was the shit! cool shots

  • goose

    sweet! love me some good ol fashion destruction

  • lauren

    LOVE his smile at the end :)


    sooooo dope!

  • stephanie

    i wanna see it so bad! great pics as always, really diggin the video too!

  • The Crystal Tiger


  • Julia Rules

    You certainly know how to capture a moment!

  • dead rabbits

    really liking the blog lately. anyone know the song in the video?

  • donny

    Tobacco -”2 thick scoops”

  • dead rabbits

    cool thanks

  • whyhellothere

    i like the part when they’re fighting

  • SAM

    saw it last weekend, i highly recommend it

  • dead rabbits

    hey if its good enough for SAM, its good enough for all of us. all hail SAM!

  • SAM

    I’m detecting a bit of sarcasm deceased rodent

  • dead rabbits

    well i should hope so cause i’m layin it on pretty thick. in all seriousness it does look like a very entertaining flick

  • SAM

    Yeah, its good, not nearly as good as the movie you just quoted. Yes, I and the rest of the world have seen Tommy Boy as well. I highly recommend it also.

  • amy

    love this tyler! xoxoxoxo

  • navy black

    its a good blue

  • monica


  • sami

    it wasnt really ur typ i mean it was soo great i mean no one can’t take pixs like these but i believe u’re a creative person so i expected more excited pics but the shoots from faces were just awesome.

  • http://fuckyeahtylershields.tumblr.com/ Deborah

    This photoshoot is amazing, as always!

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  • Izzle

    Great shots and awesome video

  • Alizé

    I loved this film ^^
    Very great shot