• Denise

    Genius!! Love your work. You’re amazing

  • http://www.stiffshots.com Stiff Shots

    (a) Guns don’t kill people – it’s the BULLETS that come out of ‘em that get the job done.

    (b) Ain’t scared of ‘em at ALL. In fact, like Tyler, I’m fond of incorporating ‘em as photo shoot props. (I do tend go a bit easier on the fake blood…)

  • sami

    i just looooooooove this shoot!
    Very Sheieldsish! :D

  • Robyn

    Not particularly, as my father is a chief inspector and used to be on the force, I suppose you could say i’ve been around my fair share of guns in my life. I’ve gotten used to them and therefore I’m not scared of them.

  • Mike D

    Man i’m worried about the person loadin the bullets nah mean? that gun ain’t gonna shoot itself. Or is it?

  • Heather

    Im not scared of guns and I love this photo!

  • Sarah

    a woman with a gun covered in blood gets me everytime….

  • Kevin

    I’m not scared of guns but a women with a bloody gun makes me a little nervous…
    Fuckin awesome. The quality of this photo is dope, so dope.

  • Farah

    Bloody guns are better left in the hands of women.

  • Adam

    Incredible and what a beautiful hand!

  • Holly

    A beautiful hand indeed.

  • Rachel

    I love this photo. The duality is so powerful, it could be for guns against guns for love against love The duality in Tyler’s work is what continues to draw me to it. I’m just not sure what to believe and if I believe in the positive it is really amazing

  • Jasmine Rose

    Too early for me but I never miss a good piece of art. Why are people texting me about the gun photo on your website…
    Damn Tyler, you have to start letting people buy your work!

  • CrazyLilPartGirl

    Its not the bullets either, they are nothing without the gun.
    And the gun is nothing with no-one to fire it.

    Love this shot btw.