There i was in the subway with Connor and Addy a fractured disk in my neck each bump of the tracks like a machete to my neck we rode the train for a while feeling it and waiting for the time to be right the amazing thing about New York Subways is no one cares what the hell you do…


You cant manufacture love it doesn’t come pre packaged and sealed with an expiration date.

Whats your song of the day?

  • Reea

    Amazing photo!I want to see more of this!!!!
    My song of the day is ‘Can’t fight the moonlight’..I just woke up with it on my mind…
    Take care of you neck!

  • Claudia

    Audiomachine – Redemption

  • I’m Batman

    fuck love lets dance

  • ashley

    T REx -Children of the revolution

  • Blake

    The Clash – Train in Vain

  • Big Gene

    Love is selfish

  • Hugo

    Some VR lens you had there…

  • nastia

    you have an extraordinary view on love, and I’m never tired to investigate new edges of this phenomenon.
    I myself never loved, but hope that my time will come some day, so it makes it even more fascinating for me to learn about it in such a way, when there’s no limits for anything

    Jasmin Tabatabai – Let Yourself Go Wild

  • Lex

    Letters from the Sky – Civil Twilight

    Beautiful picture, Tyler…as always!

  • luiza

    this is so romantic!!!!! i see hearts in them eyes

  • Layah195

    Oh my god! What a freaking beautiful picture<33
    Phenomenall picture Tyler!

  • Jessica

    I love kissing on the subway!

  • monica

    amazing words. so wise of words for someone so very young sir. “You cant manufacture love it doesn’t come pre packaged and sealed with an expiration date.” this is true. people are so often in love with the idea of being in love instead of actually taking a chance to risk the fall with the person not the idea. they want it NOW. and sadly i’ve no song of the day to share.