I Do or Die

Well it looks like I am finally going to marry someone sadly I am not getting married happily I am going to perform the ceremony for my good friend AJ and his wonderful bride to be Rochelle if you are invited to this wedding make sure you go I promise it will be the best wedding ever and the most fun… This will be my first time marrying people but I am thinking it could be something nice to ad to my job titles!

aj mclean tyler shields wedding

i do or die

Would you come to this wedding?

Would you let me marry you and your loved one?

  • http://www.thedarksidebsb.com Emma

    It sounds like it’s going to be an interesting wedding!

    We knew AJ wouldn’t go down the traditional route. As long as they are both happy and excited, then his fans are right there with them! xxxx

  • Sil

    Of course! ;)

  • Barb

    I would go to that wedding to bad i’m just a fan lol. I love the pic Tyler it amazing, I hope u all have an awsome time and cant wait to see the wedding pics

  • James


  • ilovelamp

    holy shit thats awesome!

  • Gina

    I love weddings, especially this one!

  • Holly

    They make a great couple

  • Becca

    oh my goodness Tyler is gonna marry some people
    I love it

  • Farah

    I would totally go to this wedding!

  • Dee


  • Valerie

    Rochelle looks beautiful hope to see some more amazing photos

  • Anna

    I would definitely let Tyler marry me one way another. ;)

  • Elia Nahry

    I would love to go to the wedding … I was going to make fun and original … I loved the picture … and I want to see wedding pictures … finally goes to AJ totally and completely happy and Rochell I can say about a girl so beautiful and wonderful .. thank you for giving all the happiness to AJ … I love and envy


  • Renee

    Of course I’d come! I love them as a couple and wish them nothing but the best. If I get an invitation, I’ll let you marrry and my loved one lol. But pictures will do too ;)

  • oliver

    mind is blown

  • donny

    i think the only way i would get married is if you did the service. i only hope there will be some video footage of this incredible event.

  • arcadia amante

    I’m so glad to hear this…wish AJ and Rochelle a beautiful married life. And now what? We should leave AJ and go for NICK…….!!

  • Irina

    AJ & ROCHELLE are a perfect couple, I love AJ am really happy for he…
    ROCHELLE is my heroe for love AJ…

  • Stéphanie

    This will certainly one of the most beautiful weddings, fun and original, never seen. The persons present, will keep this day in memory for the rest of their lives. It would be a dream to be present.
    Sorry for my english xox

  • Katie Dodson

    I wish that I could be there, but I have been a hug fan of AJ’s forever….I hope she makes AJ happy and I wish that it was me he was marrying not her but what can I do about it….I have never meet him but I wish I could though….

  • rhian

    yes i would love to go to aj’s wedding

  • samantha

    It would be grand to see this bad boy getting hitch to this wonderful girl, seen that all of AJ’s fans will be heartbreak to see him marry…so wish him luck with his marry life!

  • http://facebook.com/chasityrobert Chasity

    I would def go! =]

  • Pixie cha

    Id love to go! Makesme very happy to see him finally happy. I wish them both nothing but happiness. Godless to you all. And with you doing the ceremony Ty it’ll be fucking awesome!

  • jennifer

    i am so happy for both of them and i cant wait to meet both of them at the bsb cruise and give them a wonderful gift that they will love

  • tina

    I would like to RSVP please! Congrats, wishing you the best


    Awesome you twe look happy :)

  • CrazyLilPartGirl

    I wouldnt. It looks pretentious.

  • Krystal

    Wow, just…wow. Not impressed.

  • Heather

    I do not know who he is? But from the looks of that save the date, I would go.

  • Jesse

    I would totally love to attend what I’m sure will be a fabulous and unforgettable wedding. Congratulations to both AJ and Rochelle, I wish them a world of happiness in their new marriage. AJ seems so over the top happy to be with Rochelle and I’m very happy for him!

  • Jacob(ur cuz)

    my mind has officially exploded

  • Bsbdanielle85

    Of course I would of went to this wedding, I’m so happy for the both of them.. I wanna see wedding photo’s..

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