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    BUT BUT BUT GAMES ARE FUN! So long as everybody has agreed to them.

  • high hopes

    in my opinion life is the biggest game of all, thats why you gotta have fun playing cause it ends the same for all of us

  • michelle

    but monopoly is the COOLEST

  • ashley

    I try not to play games with people, I feel its way easier to just be honest about stuff. I do enjoy a little jenga from time to time

  • lily


  • JEN!

    I used to play volleyball. These days the closest I get to athletics is the wii.


    i think we all play games at times in life, literally, metaphorically, etc. I personally take life more serious than a game, but I guess you gotta have fun with it to. Do unto others, nah mean

  • donny

    donny lomax runs from nobody. NOBODY!

  • blue dream

    My dreams play games with me, lately its been hard to differentiate realities

  • wendy

    Love this shot, and “stop wasting time”

  • oliver

    i feel sorry for people that feel like that have to play games to succeed in this world. karma is a motherfucker.

  • I’m Batman

    so good

  • David

    I often enjoy a good game of hide the tilly tacker willy wonker with the wife, everyone wins.

  • Big Gene

    diggin this shot man, and i hear ya loud n clear

  • Nacho Daddy

    I like bein chased, always good to feel wanted. Unless its by the cops. then you gotta get the fuck out of there.

  • everybody play sometime! literally or not… but of course not make others feel bad ….this is the point!

  • ilovelamp

    games are for children

  • ilovelamp

    with that said, i don’t wanna grow up. ever!

  • frank

    Frankly speaking, this is awesome. Wacka wacka wacka

  • m

    nobody is perfect

  • m

    u won

  • mini

    games are to make fun and to many people play…if nobody are enjoying …this is not one game anymore… i think this!

  • monica

    true. this is so very true. rarely do I walk away from your site without an interesting perspective. or always in agreement, yet this time i do. indeed life is not a game board or truly a game to be played. however, I do enjoy the analogy of life as a game. it’s a metaphor that is simple. there’s a beginning, a middle and an end that reminds you that you should be enjoying yourself and ultimately participating. life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced, it is not a spectator sport. now the people who play mind games… can keep their manipulations. that’s the hurtful part that leaves you bruised on the inside and out.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X7E2i0KMqM FleaCircus

    Speak for yerself buddy.