Radii Tyler Shields blood splatter shoe!

This is the Radii Tyler Shields blood splatter shoe! I have done some work with Radii and through our work together we made this shoe as an artist collaboration…These shoes are VERY limited only a few hundred pairs will ever exist! If you want to buy the shoes here is the place to do it Radiii Tyler Shields shoe

radii tyler shields shoe

radii tyler shields shoe lydia hearst

radii tyler shields shoe

Special thanks to Lydia hearst and Matt Dallas

Would you wear these?

  • high hopes


  • donny

    so fucking dope gotta get at least 2 pairs

  • ashley

    of course your sneaker would be covered in blood! only you Tyler Shields :)

  • JEN!

    I want to wear those right now!

  • Nacho Daddy


  • I’m Batman

    do they come with a white bronco?


    Yes i would rock the fuck out of those, kinda hard to pay attention to the sneaker though with Lydia Hearst in the background. My god. But yeah man nice work def gonna try to grab a pair

  • lily

    whoa those are crazy!

  • Big Gene

    Them right there are the craziest lookin sneakers I done ever seen. Not really my speed, I’m a steel toe wolverine kind a guy, but they are mighty fancy lookin.

  • oliver

    hell ya i’d wear those!

  • AJ

    I purchased my pair this past weekend as soon as i saw them on sale,they’ll be here tomorrow. Any word on when the T Shirts will be available for purchase?

  • http://www.mattdallasonly.com MattDallasOnly

    We definitely would Tyler!! They’re amazing not to mention Matt Dallas is wearing them too <3

  • blue dream

    damn didn’t know you were in the shoe game, gotta get me some of these!

  • wendy

    my son would love those

  • michelle


  • neil

    those are fucking awesome. I’d rock those, or a black pair covered in blood. Or both. Hope there’s still some available when I get my paycheck, I doubt it though. Guess there’s always ebay, and hope. And a dream…

  • Larry Bertleman

    I’m diggin what you’re puttin down

  • stephanie




  • Cliff flies kites


  • Hairy Daughter

    I would wear those to church

  • 777

    congrats on your new shoe they look awesome!

  • NY Mike

    Ordered mine yesterday can’t wait to get em!

  • casper

    sooooooooooooooo dope!

  • CrazyLilPartyGirl

    Lol, I have a blood splatter shirt. My dad got stabbed when I was little and he showed me the shirt that he had been wearing. I thought it was so cool that I replicated it.

  • fashionislife

    WHY DON’T THESE COME IN WOMEN’S SIZES?! I was all ready to order one when I realized they were all too big for me :( :( :(

  • http://msn william staton

    would I? , send me a pair and i will have a pic taken and send I’m 73 years old and you bet i would, send me a pair and i will take a pic and send it to you.

  • Icy Lee

    Hey! I want more Matt’s photos….I love him so so so much

  • philip4454

    yyyyyuuuummmmmyyyyyy dddeellliiiiiccciiiiooouuuussss

  • Alex Nilsson

    Spencer Falls is my cousin! Woo go Spence! (NZ)

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  • Jacob(ur cuz)

    nice kicks tyler

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  • Marilicious

    Yes, if you made them in female sizes! :-(((((((((((

  • QuietStorm

    Is there any chance that I could buy these pair of sneakers nowadays ?

  • Special persons

    Where do you buy it