• http://twitter.com/Yeremenko12 nastia

    It’s the best shoot of Lindsay so far ever taken by you! I’m dieing to see more photos from it! I’m never tired to say that you’re an art genius, Tyler, but the way you work with Lindsay just makes me feel that there are too many undiscovered things about shooting a person I have no idea of!

    Every photo of the shoot is a masterpiece. I am proud to be lucky to see the art like that! It’s priceless!

  • tyler

    nastia what an amazing comment thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/timyawn tim


  • stephanie


  • http://yahoo.com brian

    omg loves it

    lindz i love you

  • http://yahoo.com brian

    more coming soon

  • ashley

    OMG!!! AMAZING!!!

  • ashley

    Seriously Tyler, I think these are the best photos of her I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that to be nice. You blow minds

  • blue dream

    The shot of just her in the middle of the street is incredible. Where in the world did you find that tunnel?

  • James

    I love it when you and Lindsay get together. And yes, I would love to see more pics.

  • donny

    so fucking dope

  • casper

    that top black and white pic is INSANE

  • wendy

    Love is never easy, though it should be. I absolutely would love to see more. Any potential video portraits in the future?

  • oliver

    great shots

  • JEN!

    just when i think i’m sick of hearing about Lilo, you go and do something amazing with her like this. I don’t know who the hell Spencer Falls is but I am gonna find out :)

  • fucking fabulous


  • NY Mike

    Must say, that bottom pic is quite nice. You certainly bring out the best in her

  • high hopes

    i swear i’ve seen that guy in a snowboard video before. good for him

  • lily


  • michelle

    she looks amazing

  • Walter

    Murder, She Wrote!

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  • Mary

    you fucking suck, tyler. get a new prop, buddy.

  • http://aol Big D

    give me a fucking brake!!!!!!

  • S0FI


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  • wayne

    I want to grab her boob.

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  • logan

    looks like a wana b marilyn monroe shoot to be honest

  • colin booysen

    get a life girl!! you need some depth. is that where you sort out the men from the boys?? geez you take me for a arsehole?/

  • kidkodine

    a few of the shots are nice, boob grab is tight. the rest look like student work from Art Center. People please get some critical taste going here. This stuff is just sweet tarts not steak!

  • Chuck

    She has no best to be brought out. She is pathetic. Take away the money and booze and she is nothing. Her bunch of a kissing friends and posse.AND…Queen of what? LOSERS?

  • b

    first pic is sick

  • joan

    Love the bed shot!!! She shows so much emotion even with her eyes closed!! And u captured it without even looking thru a lens!

  • Rita

    These pictures are amazing! You really do bring out the best in her. Especially love the first one and the bed shot.

  • CrazyLilPartyGirl

    Switch Lindsay Lohan for anyone else and Tyler Shields for anyone else and this would have been a perfect shoot.

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  • michael stillman

    i’m confused, what’s so special about this shoot? the tunnel is really original. isn’t it? i do have to admit, Lindsey is the type of girl who just keeps on getting prettier as she gets older, but pretty girls in this town, are a dime a dozen.

  • me

    wow all the plastic surgery on her face! she looks really used up and old. why are people even interested in this has been?

  • dave

    Who the fuck cares, the whore !

  • Saffie

    Seriously Tyler go to college and take some classes. This crap is so lame. Your work is like a mishmash of high school wannabe edgey fashion cover ripoffs. I can’t tell if this is serious or its all a big joke.

  • Booby

    Way TOO much fun. Go back to school.

  • lilofan

    You should shoot her to a new album HAHAHA

    LOVE IT!

  • farid

    These photos DO justice, beautifulllllllll

  • thekcuf

    you fucking serious? shes a addict screaming for help and you are saying this is art? you scrubs need to stop huffing the paint thinner and get some help.


  • Kevin

    U r so gorgeous !!! My Goddess!!

  • bob

    Amateurish. No skill with exposure and bad photoshop work. Only thing these photos have going for them is the name recognition of Lindsay Lohan. She must really be be desperate.

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  • LeighBee

    You’ve made a cracked out addict look good.
    Nice work.