Harry Shum Jr and Darren Criss

Over the weekend I made my way to Comic Con with Jenna Ushkowitz we shot a lot of madness I was with the Glee cast the whole weekend and after they did a photoshoot on a boat for someone else I thought it would fun to have them play with the boat my way Darren got a little crazy and Harry rushed in to rescue him after this they saved the world from and evil Klan of superheroes then we ate cookies!

darren criss

darren criss harry shum jr

Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr just hanging out!

Did you go to comic con?

  • michelle

    no but i’ve always wanted to go, seems like so much fun! great shots!

  • high hopes

    what kind of cookies?

  • NY Mike

    damn man whats up with all the evil superheroes lately in the world. dudes sound like they need hugs or somethin.

  • JEN!

    its like a duran duran video gone horribly wrong in the best possible way. amazing

  • Kristen

    i was thinking more Bond, James Bond. Comic con sounds incredible, hope to attend sometime in the future. Hope you all have an amazing week, and remember: the wind calls upon you often, but it is your decision alone to make when the tides are nigh and the dragons are beastly. But if you choose to chaise the buffalo, you will find enlightenment. Namaste.

  • donny

    goddamnit now i wanna go on a cruise. i hear they’re amazing.

  • oliver


  • stephanie


  • fucking fabulous

    well isnt this just the perfect way to start my week. thank you glee and thank you tyler shields!

  • wendy

    i want your life

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  • Noelle

    These are awesome! Got any more hiding?

  • Carrie

    Hahahaha…Darren. I want to be friends with him for just an hour. He seems like the kind of guy that would be super fun to be friends with.

  • strawboss

    Please explain to Darren this *isn’t* what they mean by planking.

  • Bri

    Awesome! They’re on a boat! Would love to see you do a shoot with Darren sometimes. Get him gritty.

  • blue dream

    i wanna go so bad!

  • Air Steve

    couldn’t make it this year, really lookin forward to 2012

  • ilovelamp

    mmmmmm, cookies :)

  • lily

    I went a couple years ago and it was just as awesome as I thought it would be! Sounds like your experience was quite a bit more crazy, but that’s to be expected

  • ashley


  • Nacho Daddy

    i’d give my left nut to geek out at comic con. seriously you only need one, it’s science.

  • becky

    Jenna is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggg!!!!!!!!

  • neil

    bottom pic is epic! Is that a still from the new mission impossible movie?

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  • Kelly

    sweet pics. wish i could afford to take the trip to comic con :(

  • http://mollyjosephson.com/ Molly

    No but next year I am going… this picture seems exemplary of Harry and Darren… pure madness

  • AshCalenlass (@AshCalenlass)

    Those damn evil superheroes, betcha they’re the ones throwing a body a week in the Singapore reservoirs.

    I would SO go to Comic Con if I didn’t live on the other side of the friggin’ world. All these little inconveniences!!

  • Lisa

    Love you guys!! Now get down or I’m tellin’ your moms!!

  • Willow


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  • http://www.jajjo.papper.fi Ida

    This shots are gorgeous. But I think we all want some Harry & Jenna pics!

  • http://www.jajjo.papper.fi Ida

    And obivously I meant *these shots

  • mia

    I love this, more Darren please!

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  • Kenn Dunn

    “King of the WORLD!!!!”

  • Darren Criss

    Please do More OF Darren !!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lena

    Darren Criss is a sex bomb id do him over and over again