Night Swim with Jenna Ushkowitz

Want to go on an adventure? Her response “always” 30 minutes later you are climbing over rocks in high heels into water a giant sign tells you not to go in and being bashed around by waves into rocks such a fun night!


jenna ushkowitz

jenna ushkowitz

jenna ushkowitz

jenna ushkowitz

It was rough and I am pretty sure hard to walk the next day but well worth it walking in giant heels on rocks and sand in the pitch black it harder then it sounds!

Would you have gone in the water?

  • sami

    Heyyy Tyler!Im here and it’s 1am here after a long and hard day u have no idea how much ur picutres cheer me up! Thnks alot man
    More waiting for new shoots with YOU and Lindsay Again ;) x

  • Ashley S.

    Absolutely stunning. She is such a beautiful woman. Beautiful photos. :)

  • fucking fabulous


  • Gabby

    Tyler, these pictures are gorgeous. As is Jenna, allllllll the time. BLESS YOUR SOUL FOR THESE PHOTOS.

  • michelle

    there is no way in hell that i would get into that water. that girl is a badass!

  • Nacho Daddy

    i can’t imagne what it’s like to walk in heels in general, let alone on the beach. seems pretty tough. great shots, looks like fun

  • neil

    i would do anything you tell me to. you are a general in the army of life, and i would gladly follow you into battle, sir

  • lily

    LOVE her!!!

  • oliver

    i hope she took a bath in hydrogen peroxide after that trip. looks incredible, insanely dangerous, but incredible nonetheless.

  • NY Mike

    always down for a swim

  • wendy

    :) :) :) :) :) out of :) :) :) :) :)

  • Kristen

    you know, most people consider going to six flags to be an “adventure”. you take it to a whole other level.

  • high hopes

    That shot of her lookin up in the water in amazing man, good stuff.

  • stephanie


  • ilovelamp

    you guys look like some undercover navy seals

  • Zoila

    Amazing!!!! I absolutely love it!

  • Anna

    LOVE these awesome photos!

  • blue dream

    I can’t swim but if was shallow enough I’d get all up in that water, specially if she was

  • Kelly

    I would have went in if tyler told me too ;)

  • Ethan

    I would never go in there…unless it resulted in epic photos like these

  • Sarah


  • Kevin

    Dear Jenna
    will you marry me?!
    Love You!

  • Madi

    She’s such a badass ahahaha. Love the shot with the shoes :P

  • Kim GORGEOUS! Great job!!

  • Alli

    OMG this is AMAZING. So hot.

  • Deborah

    This shoot is just as awesome as always! And, no I wouldn’t have gone in the water, beach at night is a bit scary…

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  • ikua

    Jenna. You babe. Stop it or…just get in bed with me

  • papu

    I think they should show this side of Jenna in her character Tina in Glee. Tyler show Ryan Murphy these and blow him away with her sexy badass-ness!